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Grudge [General, Role Play]

You have a grudge against a group or organization and won’t rest until they are all dead.
Benefit: Choose a social group or organization, with the DM’s permission. You gain a +2 bonus on Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks when using these skills against members of the group. Likewise, you get a +2 bonus on weapon damage rolls against members of the chosen group.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each time, it applies to a different group.

Example: Boris Badaxe’s sister was killed by the Crimson Guard and he has sworn bloody vengeance. Whenever facing the crimson guard in battle he gains the benefits of Grudge.

Notes: This is not meant as a way for other characters to get the ranger Favored Enemy ability, although the mechanic is nearly identical. It can not be used as a prerequisite to any feat or class requiring Favored Enemy. The intent was more of a passionate vendetta against people that have done you wrong, as opposed to a ranger’s deep knowledge of their prey.

Author: Jerry M. Chaney II © Jerry M. Chaney II 2003   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
NBoF Balance Rating (0 to 5 Scale)
Overall Purp Pow Port Comp Rule
3.85 4.00 3.75 3.75 4.00 3.75

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