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Physical Description

The forgotten archangels were created by a deity that no longer exists. At first glance, they look like humans with retractable wings on their backs. Their appearance is one of natural beauty and charm. With chiseled muscles and powerful eyes, their soft voice can become loud and powerful. Forgotten Archangels have two pairs of wings, one white, the other the same color with gray feathers on the tips. Having inherited an angelic side at their creation, Forgotten Archangels retain their youthful or middle-aged appearance throughout their lives, never aging.


In their hierarchy, when their divinity was still present, the forgotten archangels occupied the "Second Circle" of their divinity, the first being occupied by the divinity itself. Their link with this one was undeniable, their objective was to carry out the missions entrusted by their creator. When their creator lost her powers and disappeared from the world, the archangels were sent to the common world of the living. The transfer was so brutal that it physically weakened the Archangels, the only survivor of the fall... Their world is still accessible to them, but no longer occupied by their creator, they see no point in staying there. Having no more deities to hold on to, they decided to devote themselves to the world of the living, rejecting their alignment with their deities.


Individuals, according to their skills and characteristics, are placed in different places in the hierarchy. Variants who do not fit into the society are ejected from the plan, either by exclusion or by being killed. Having survived for thousands of years, their culture has no taboos. When it comes to defending their territory, they can become formidable warriors. Depending on how you present yourself to them, socialization can be complicated.

An archangel is created especially by his deity according to particular skills and characteristics, they are created with the aim of occupying a high function. The society of Archangels takes precedence over the general society, being the inner circle of their deities, they have an absolute right over the hierarchy under them. An Archangel cannot properly die, he can lose his body, but not his spirit/soul. When an Archangel "dies", he disappears, returning to his plane to regenerate his body, they are the only ones to benefit from this regeneration. Unlike the general society, they have unlimited access to the worlds of the living.

Since your divinity no longer exists, the Archangels are the only survivors of the fall. Having been raised in their world, the Archangels are accustomed to a hierarchy and believe that each living being occupies a specific hierarchy and role. No longer having a direct superior, the Archangels believe that they are superior to others, regardless of race.

Forgotten Archangel Traits

Forgotten by all, feeling superior to others
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2, and your Dexterity, Wisdom and Intelligence scores each increase by 1. Your Strength score decreases by -2
Age. The forgotten archangels do not age.
Alignment. Having no more deities to support, the forgotten Archangels see their alignment considerably modified. Choose your alignment.
Size. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your basic walking speed is 30 feet. Your flight speed is the same as your walking speed.
Great vision.. Your eyes allow you to see through total darkness, you can see darkness within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light.
Heavenly body. Forgotten Archangels have inherited some of the traits of their creator, when you sleep for 4 hours you get the benefits of a long rest.
Wings. You have two pairs of feathered wings. You gain a flight speed equal to your walking speed.
Immortal soul. When an archangel "dies", his spirit/soul separates from his body, and he wanders the world where his old body is until he finds a new host who is willing to take in his soul. When the archangel's soul enters its new body, two pairs of wings appear on its back. As long as the Archangel has not integrated his new host, he can be resurrected in his old body.
Archangel's Resistance. You have resistance to necrotic damage and radiant damage. You are immune to charm and fear.
Graceful Form. You have mastered the skills of Acrobatics and Athletics.
Languages. You can speak, read and write, Common and Celestial.

Dotes Raciales Para el Arcángel Olvidado

Aura Protectora: Tu naturaleza celestial te permite emanar una aura protectora. Los aliados dentro de un radio de 10 pies de ti tienen ventaja en las tiradas de salvación contra efectos encantados o aterradores. Esta aura se vuelve más poderosa a medida que avanzas de nivel, aumentando su radio a 30 pies a partir del nivel 10.

Alas Celestiales: Tus alas se han vuelto aún más fuertes y resistentes. Obtienes la capacidad de volar con una velocidad igual a tu velocidad de caminata sin necesidad de hacer una tirada de atletismo. Además, ahora puedes transportar un peso adicional igual a tu puntuación de Fuerza multiplicada por dos sin ver afectada tu velocidad de vuelo.

Llamada Celestial: Como descendiente de una deidad perdida, tienes la capacidad de llamar la atención de seres celestiales en momentos de necesidad. Una vez al día, puedes realizar una llamada celestial para pedir ayuda divina. Esto podría manifestarse como una respuesta a una pregunta, la guía de un espíritu celestial, o incluso la llegada de un aliado celestial para luchar a tu lado durante un breve período de tiempo a discreción del DM.

Resistencia a la Corrupción: Tu conexión con el plano celestial te otorga resistencia a efectos que corrompen o ensucian el alma. Obtienes resistencia a los efectos que causan corrupción, como la influencia de demonios o la maldad innata.

Toque de Sanación: Tienes la capacidad de tocar a un ser vivo y canalizar energía curativa a través de ellos. Aprendes los conjuros "Curar heridas" y "Palabra de curación" y lanzarlos sin gastar una ranura de hechizos una vez por descanso largo usando tu modificador de sabiduría, tienes que tocar a la criatura que quieras curar, ignorando el rango de lanzamiento original y limitándolos a toque, pero solo para este uso gratis de ambos conjuros. Arcángel-Olvidado

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