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About the Far Planes[edit]

The far planes are exotic and dangerous locale. Getting there is more difficult and dangerous. These places seem to sit outside history, each having its own personality that never seems to change. These places contain beings that may or may not interfere in mortal lands.

Abyss of Madness[edit]

Strongly Anarchic
The home of demons.

Cannibal Jungle[edit]

Strongly Wild, Strongly Anarchic
A deadly place where the trees will eat you.

Celestial Temple[edit]

Strongly Holy 
Home of the angels.

Dragon's Graveyard[edit]

Strongly Mythic
According to legend this is where old dragons go to die. Dragon's fangs are used as ivory, and richly prized. The gold wedged into dragon's scales itself is a considerable treasure. Enough scales should be left to make an army's worth of dragonhide armor. Here lives the Dragon King.


This is the land of the dead.


Strongly Vile, Strongly Fire 
Hell itself. Home of devils.

Labyrinth of Chaos[edit]

Strongly Anarchic
Home of the chaotic creatures.

Seelie Court[edit]

Strongly Mythic
This is palace where King Oberon and Queen Titania rule the good fey.

Unseelie Court[edit]

Strongly Mythix
This is the place of the evil alligned fey.

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