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Vehicle, Artifact (requires attunement by a character proficient with animal handling)

The Equalleum is a magical object of great power. The Equalleum has two forms, the first of which is a large warhorse, the second form is a large two handed warhammer. The Equalleum was created by the Yordle, and given to the Dragon Lord Apophis as a celebratory gift, for his twin sons, on the day of their hatching. It was given alongside another item, the Vehiculum Magia. The attempt to appease the Dragon Lord failed, and he promptly ate the Yordles.

Equalleum has 1 Minor beneficial property, 1 major beneficial property, as well as 1 minor detrimental property, and finally, 1 major detrimental property.

Horse Form

The Horse form of the Equalleum stands at just over 6 feet tall, and 5 feet long. The horses mane glows a deep red, shadow and flame mix to create a visage of deadly fire underneath the rider. The eyes of the horse are of a deep crimson, and shine, sending dim light for 10 feet. The Horse does not need to be fed, and has the stats and abilities of a Nightmare. The Horse can talk with the rider, the language will change based on who is attuned to it. The Horse has 5 charges, each charge can be used to activate an effect. Charges restore every day at dawn. These charges are seperate from the Hammer's charges. It takes an action to transform the Horse into the Warhammer and vice versa.

2 Charges - The Equalleum runs as fast as it can for a limited time, it's speed, flying as well as land speed, increase by 30 feet for 10 minutes.

3 Charges - The Equalleum begins to blaze with flame, gouts of fire surround the Equalleum, each creature within a 10 foot range of the Equalleum must make a DC 15 Dexterity save throw or take 2d8 Fire damage, or half as much on a succesful save.

5 Charges - The Equalleum and its rider double in size, all damage done by the rider and horse are doubled for 3 turns. The Rider and Equalleum also have advantage on Strength checks and save throws during this time.

Warhammer Form

The Warhammer form of the Equalleum is a large two handed Warhammer. The handle is about 6 feet long, the end of the Hammer is a large block of Stygian metal, Spikes made of Hellish fire surround the outsides of the hitting surface. A long winding flame slides down the handle of the warhammer and up the arms of the wielder. While wielding the Hammer, the wielder has resistance to Fire damage, and can cast use one of the Hammers charges to activate an ability. The Hammer has 6 Charges. Charges restore every day at dawn. The Hammers charges are seperate from the Horses.

1 Charges - Cast the spell Command on a target within 30 feet of you.

3 Charges - Cast the spell Dominate Person. This spell last for 3 rounds or 18 seconds.

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