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Unusual Races[edit]

There are many creatures out there and using human as our base we can figure out their ECL pretty easy, but this becomes cumbersome when trying to balance things to make creatures that are actually on par with their level adjustments. Also especially with scaling feats (introduced in multiple sourcebooks including this one) the bonus feat is worth a lot more now than it was in the past. Due to the changes it is the equivelence of an additional +4 to stats for other races with no level adjustment.

This does two things for the players: it opens up exactly how many character classes are available for 0 level adjustment, and allows the individual to select a unique class for their character that is powerful without being hurt too heavily (and sacrificing a huge amount of class abilities at the same time.)

The following sections will go over several different monsters that can all make viable races for casters, and allow a quick comparison on some more advanced monsters to allow someone a good feel on how creatures should be adjusted with the new rules in effect.


Aasimars are usually tall, good-looking, and generally pleasant. Some have a minor physical trait suggesting their heritage, such as silver hair, golden eyes, or an unnaturally intense stare.

Most aasimars are decidedly good-aligned. They fight against evil causes and attempt to sway others to do the right thing. Occasionally they take on the vengeful, judgmental aspect of their celestial ancestor, but this is rare.


Also known as dark elves, drow are a depraved and evil subterranean offshoot.

White is the most common hair color among drow, but almost any pale shade is possible. Drow tend to be smaller and thinner than other sorts of elves, and their eyes are often a vivid red.


Also see the satyr creature listing.

A satyr’s hair is red or chestnut brown, while its hooves and horns are jet black. A satyr is about as tall and heavy as a half-elf.


Many tieflings are indistinguishable from humans. Others have small horns, pointed teeth, red eyes, a whiff of brimstone about them, or even cloven feet. No two tieflings are the same.

Powerful Races[edit]

This book is treating any race that still has a level adjustment after the reductions as being considered a powerful entity. That means the abilities that they gain are usually worth the amount of adjustment that is outlined below.


Doppelgangers are strange beings that are able to take on the shapes of those they encounter. In its natural form, the creature looks more or less humanoid, but slender and frail, with gangly limbs and half-formed features. The flesh is pale and hairless. Its large, bulging eyes are yellow with slitted pupils. A doppelganger’s appearance is deceiving even when it’s in its true form. A doppelganger is hardy, with a natural agility not in keeping with its frail appearance.

Doppelgangers make excellent use of their natural mimicry to stage ambushes, bait traps, and infiltrate humanoid society. Although not usually evil, they are interested only in themselves and regard all others as playthings to be manipulated and deceived.

In its natural form a doppelganger is about 5-1/2 feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds.


The jann (singular janni) are the weakest of the genies. Jann are formed out of all four elements and must therefore spend most of their time on the Material Plane.

Ogre Mages[edit]

Also see the ogre mage creature listing.

The ogre mage is a more intelligent and dangerous variety of its mundane cousin.

An ogre mage stands about 10 feet tall and weighs up to 700 pounds. Its skin varies in color from light green to light blue, and its hair is black or very dark brown. Ogre mages favor loose, comfortable clothing and lightweight armor.


Pixies wear bright clothing, often including a cap and shoes with curled and pointed toes.

A pixie stands about 2-1/2 feet tall and weighs about 30 pounds.


A closer look at a rakshasa reveals that the palms of its hands are where the backs of the hands would be on a human.

A rakshasa is about the same height and weight as a human.

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