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Weapon (longsword), artifact (requires attunement by a humanoid of royal birth)


The Divine Falchion, also known as the "Blade of Light" or "Kingsfang", is a blade forged from the tooth of a dragon god, to provide mortalkind a way to protect themselves from rogue dragons, or even from rival gods of those that forged the blade. According to legends, only individuals who possess royal blood are able to use it, and to anyone else, the blade is useless, no better a weapon than a tree branch.

Two Divine Falchions are known to exist: One resides on the continent of Archanea, under the possession of King Cornelius of Altea, and the other on the continent of Valentia, under the possession of Emperor Rudolf of Rigel. Other falchions are speculated to exist, but they have yet to be found, if they even exist at all.

You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. When wielding the Divine Falchion in one hand, it is considered to have the finesse property. Creatures with the dragon type are vulnerable to slashing damage dealt by this weapon. It is immune to effects that corrode or damage metal and is utterly indestructible.

Recovery. The Divine Falchion has a pool of healing power that can restore hit points to its wielder, which replenishes when the creature attuned to this weapon completes a long rest. The number of hit points in this pool equals five times the character level of the creature attuned to this weapon. As an action, the creature attuned to this weapon can recover a number of hit points, up to the maximum amount remaining in the pool.

Deicide. When an attack with this sword reduces a deity to 0 hit points, the deity dies and cannot return to life.

Royal. The Divine Falchion can only be wielded by one of royal blood. If a non-royal attempts to wield the Divine Falchion, it is treated as an improvised weapon while wielded in this manner, and all of the above traits are ignored.

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