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What are the best things of the past year?[edit]

Sir Milo Teabag 15:33, 4 February 2008 (MST)[edit]

I think one of the coolest things to happen to the Wiki this year was the Ultimate Monk. It may have changed the nature of Optimization on this Wiki. But, this is open to all users: fill in the coolest thing to happen in the 2nd year of DnD Wiki and why it was so cool.

Aarnott 22:17, 4 February 2008 (MST)[edit]

We got a lot of cool new users contributing and that was a great thing to see. A bigger community is a better one -- especially with a wiki.

Green Dragon 12:55, 5 February 2008 (MST)[edit]

Quite a few things really stand out to me, however I would say the best thing that happened to D&D Wiki was the re-organization and then re-organization again of the SRD to the point where a namespace was created for the SRD and identifiers were removed, which improved searching and usability. These changes really brought the SRD in-line with normal wiki standards and really stand out to me as something that will help D&D Wiki for a while to come. Quite a few runner-ups exist, however.

  1. The re-organization of the Campaign Settings. This actually made campaign settings usable on D&D Wiki, not just a jumbled mess. It was like sifting many grains of sand for a golden grain instead of only sifting a couple grains for a golden grain.
  2. The re-organization of Variant Rules. This just made it easier to see which rules really modified the core rules, and which could be implemented into a campaign with little or no changes. Plus, it looks a lot nicer now then it did.
  3. RfA. No system for adminship really existed until the start of this year. RfA's just brought D&D Wiki' beauacracy more in-line with all the other wiki's, which is always a good thing.
  4. DPL2. I know this is still new, and it has yet to be integrated everywhere where it can, however it really is showing potential. I am excited to see D&D Wiki when it just uses DPL2's.
  5. Publication List. I know this is still very beta and very new as well, however it really is showing potential, and I have always wanted a comprehensive list of all d20 publications to exist somewhere. I guess D&D Wiki is that somewhere. I am excited for this.
  6. Unearthed Arcana. With this, when it is fully added, we can finally compare ourselves to the SRD giants like d20srd.org and others. It's exciting.
  7. The change to Template:OGL Top. The size and color was silly, finally we figured out a non-obtrusive way to show a page is OGC.
  8. The "user edits" extension. It's just provides a good feature, and the wording on Blue Dragon makes for a good laugh.
  9. Discussions. Although I do not participate in them as much as I would like to, they serve a valuable function and really bring the community together. This was a very good idea.
  10. Quite a few others, I just cannot think of them right now.
Things I have not been so proud of
  1. Feats. Their just a mess by now, and the landing page looks terrible. I wish something would happen to them, however that seems very far fetched. Also, it seems as time goes on they just get worse and worse. Strange.
  2. Mkill's nomination for adminship. I was rude, he was rude, it was just a mess. I could have handled it better, and I did not.
  3. The Tavern. It's not used, and it not really wiki-ish. Although I can see the purpose, I feel it may push visitors away from the site after they log on and see that no one else is on. Dunno, some people just like it or dislike it. I'm one that dislikes it.
  4. My userpage. It looks bad, and no matter what I seem to do with it it just looks worse. Ugh. I need to spend more time on this.
  5. Most likely some other ones as well...

Pwsnafu 15:49, 6 February 2008 (MST)[edit]

Not being an admin, and having retired from gaming until I save money for 4E, the second most significant thing for me last year was finding out that darkness can be used as a light source. The most significant was 4E announcement. This site doesn't compare with the juggernauts of D&D websites, and 4E gives all sites a level playing field. Now that SRD has been nerfed and all.

Things I would like to see: a 4E namespace, a better rating system, and more ratings.

  Hooper   talk    contribs    email   23:29, 9 February 2010 (UTC)[edit]

In honor of what we've done for previous birthdays, here are the things I enjoyed the last year:

  1. Hitting our two millionth view.
  2. Getting rid of all the trash
  3. Getting to 50,000 pages
  4. Increasing our number of users (don't recall the last milestone we hit - 3 or 4k?)

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