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Goblin Loader: "We're out of ammunition!"

Goblin Artillery Officer: "Then load the Goblitz and fire them over for the enemy to deal with!

Goblitz: "WHEEEEEEEEE!!!"

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Valshock Campaign Setting

Elder Gods[edit]

The Elder Gods were the first beings to ever exist. The Mother Goddess was, in fact, an Elder God. They embody the highest tier of Godhood. They have the power to will beings to life, to create planes of existence and craft worlds... Of course, they also have the power to destroy worlds.

  • Vail, The God of the Void, Change, Revolution, and Destruction.
  • Omni, The god of Nature balance, and wilderness. Often simply referred to as Nature.
  • Aetherious,The goddess of creation and mother of all Valshock.

Prime Divines[edit]

The prime Divines are the 6 children the Mother Goddess created. They are neither good nor evil, but embody ideals. Although, 3 of the children are "Corrupted" they are not actually evil and the more "pure" gods are not actually good.

The "Pure Prime."

  • Armazara, the goddess of Justice, Law, and Loyalty
  • Lowayn, the god of Peace and Sacrifice
  • Lillith, the goddess of love and beauty.

The "Corrupted Prime."

  • Dirigan, the god of Control, and Domination.
  • Juular, god of War and Honor.
  • Serenian, the goddess of Chaos, Freedom, and Self Preservation.

World Shapers[edit]

The world sharpers are giant demi-gods that helped Aetherious create the world and Omni keep the balance of nature in check

Other Gods[edit]

This is the list of every single god unique to Valshock other than the Elder Gods and Prime Divines.

  • Bruuk and Braak, The Twin Gods of Brutality, cunning, and War. Often the patron to Greenskins.
  • Bruugaak, No information will be given on this god until a later date.
  • Faust is the god of the Vampyres and an eternal servent for the void and destruction.
  • Koras,The god of Strength and Self-Perfection.
  • Nesthene,The mother goddess of monstrosities.
  • Shiginoth,The god of pure chaos and madness.
  • Aranor,The god of goodness and purity.
  • Argoth,The god of magik and study.
  • Purrados,The god of Felines and agility.
  • Xarlas,The god of knowledge and guidance.







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