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The mighty blow, the stoutest foe, but all should know, as I behold, no one rose that day who wasn't under the pay of Meloku's gang
Douie Solitude, Famed Bard
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Deborah Solitude is the older sister of the infamous bard Douie Solitude. She travels and performs as a part of his band the Solitude Seven as a pianist and organist.

Early Life[edit]

Deborah was born to Rhibral Solace and Dillphor Solitude III in the elven village of Shadzir, on the outskirts of Finlay. Her mother was the head herbologist while her father was an enlisted man (and later Captain) within the Ranger Guard Unit stationed at the border.

She is one of seven children and was the third child of the Solitude Clan, the others being (in order of age) Dillphor IV, Darnioal, Douie, Dilvor, Drestina, and Destiny. She was very close to his younger brother Douie growing up.

She is romantically involved with band mate Damien.

Game Stats[edit]

Deborah Solitude

CR 18

Female elf bard 18
CG Medium humanoid (elf)
Init/Senses +4/low-light vision; Listen +17, Spot +12
Languages Common, Elven, Orcish
AC 29, touch 24, flat-footed 24
(+7 Dex, +4 Wis, +8 armor)
hp 94 (18 HD)
Immune magic sleep
Resist Deflect Arrows, evasion
Fort/Ref/Will +7/+15/+11; +2 against enchantments
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee rapier (1d8) +13/+8/+3 or
Melee rapier (1d8) +13/+8/+3
Ranged mwk Composite Longbow +5 (1d8)
Base Atk/Grp +13/+8/+3/+13
Atk Options Bardic Music 18/day (DC 1d20+24)
Abilities Str 11, Dex 18, Con 13, Int 15, Wis 11, Cha 22
Feats Leadership, Point Blank Shot, Chant of Solitude, Skill Focus (Perform (keyboard instruments)), Skill Focus (Perform (sing)), Skill Focus (Perform (oratory)), Epic Skill Focus (Perform (stringed instrument))
Skills Bluff +21, Diplomacy +21, Gather Information +13, Knowledge (history) +1, Knowledge (local) +1, Listen +15 (+2 racial = +17), Move Silently +21, Perform (keyboard instruments) +34, Perform (sing) +24, Perform (oratory) +24, Search +2 (racial), Spot +10 (+2 racial = +12), Tumble +1, Use Magic Device +1
Possessions 20 arrows, traveler's outfit, masterwork Composite Longbow
Patron Deity JuWell

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