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Drasol Symbol

The Sun Demon, Drasol of the Darksun, Dark Sun Drasol, Drasol the Prince of Sunlight, God of the Darksun

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A Red Sun
Home Plane: Evernight
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Fiery Death, the Dark Sun, Heat, the Soshae-Dezka, War
Worshipers: Soshae-Dezka
Clergy Alignments: CE
Domains: Darksun, Fire, War
Favored Weapon: Vermosan Greatsword
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More information...

Dark Sun Drasol is one of the celestial body twins born to Veistulsosjunsedov, the Prime Evil and is the brother of Dark Moon Dralúa. Drasol and Dralúa are tall in stature, fair skinned, and have pointed ears that give them a resemblance to elves. both share the same pale white hair with two small horns protruding from their foreheads, however Drasol's are red while Dralúa's are blue, and both have Veistul's crimson dragon eyes. Drasol is significantly more muscular than his lunar sibling. Drasol can almost always be seen clad in his unique golden armor.

Drasol is chaotic and sadistic with no regarde for the welfare of others. Yet, despite this, or maybe because of it, Drasol has a deeply protective when it comes to his family; his brother and father in particular. it has been said that Drasol's love for Dralúa runs deeper than usually present between siblings. But no one would ever say that to his face, of course, and thus the rumor shall remain a rumor.


Drasol seeks to destroy the sun gods of the upper realms, leaving only the darksun. However, so when his father commands it, Drasol will wage war on all gods not loyal to the Prime Evil. Drasol, like near all his siblings, longs for Veistul's love and approval. Drasol will strike down all that would dare stand against the Vile God, leaving only corpses neath his red darksun.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Drasol's often have an affinity for fire. His army of Soshae-Dezka, sun demons, are chief among his faithful. Unlike many of his siblings who prefer their temples built underground an hidden away, Drasol demands his construct grandiose golden temples on high peaks, that they might be closer to the sun.


Dark Sun Drasol is a prince of the Prime Evil Court and on of the Sosmunii Khaaladir.

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