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Crow Talon & Quills

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Crow Talon & Quills 350 gp 1d8 piercing 3lb. finesse, light, special

This rapier has a delicate construction that belies its durability. In addition to being a simple rapier, this weapon comes paired with a matching set of four talon-like knives optimized for both throwing and slashing.

Before or after making an attack with the rapier, you may use a bonus action to either throw one of the knives, or attack with all four like a claw. Using the knives as a claw behaves like a weapon with the light and finesse properties that deal 1d6 slashing damage on a hit. A thrown knife behaves identically to a dagger.

Expensive. A character can never gain this weapon as starting equipment from their class.

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A set of Crow Quills
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