Clawed Gauntlets (5e Equipment)

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Clawed Gauntlets

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Clawed Gauntlets 20 gp 1d4 slashing 3 lb. light, finesse, special.

Clawed gauntlets are a novelty weapon that few warriors take up as serious arms; instead, they are seen more often as ceremonial pieces: Some cultures may use them for ritualistic purposes. Rumors whisper of a select few warriors however, who are bizarre enough, insane enough, or just simply determined enough to train with clawed gauntlets to the point of being fearsome combatants.

Two-Weapon Fighting. If you make a two-weapon fighting attack with a clawed gauntlet, you can add your proficiency bonus to the damage roll, even if you do not have the two-weapon fighting style.

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