Claw of War (3.5e Invocation)

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Claw of War
Dark; 8th; Other

Author: the bluez

You summon an aspect of the Hand of Hate, channelling ancient enmities and bloodlust. A clawed hand appears, red with black nails, and soon dripping with blood.

You replicate the spell Bigby's clenched fist, with the following exceptions: the hand remains just 10 rounds and it may not work as an interposing hand, it uses your Charisma modifier whenever applicable and it may do any kind of combat action (such as tripping), if useful. The hand may punch or use its claws (same damage), as it's the most beneficial. The hand does not stun enemies, making instead them bleed (if possible): any enemy suffering damage because of the hand suffers also an additional point of damage each turn, plus one more for each subsequent hit by the hand, until the victim receives the benefit of a DC 15 Heal check or any magical healing.

At level 18th the hand works as the spell Bigby's crushing hand, with the same exceptions as above.

You may not control the hand, beyond deciding its initial target, unless you do an Intimidate check (DC 30) as a swift action, each round in which you wish to control it. Otherwise it decides who to attack, between your opponents, as it sees fit and, when all enemies are dead or no more present, it starts attacking another target between your allies, until it comes to you.

The hand fights on its own (the DM decides its actions) in the most beneficial way, except for the Intimidate check (see above). If it is ever hit the hand falls in a rage-like state, gaining +4 to Strength and -2 to AC and attacks whovever hurt it last.

Multiple hands may be present at the same time (up to 1 per your Charisma modifier) but they will attack each other whenever they are 20 feet (6 meters) or less near. When two or more hands battle nothing can distract them, until just one of them remains.

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