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Table: Special Attacks

Special Attack Brief Description
Aid Another Grant an ally a +2 bonus on attacks or AC
Bull Rush Push an opponent back 5 feet or more
Charge Move up to twice your speed and attack with +2 bonus
Disarm Knock a weapon from your opponent’s hands
Feint Negate your opponent’s Dex bonus to AC
Grapple Wrestle with an opponent
Manufactured and Natural Weapon Fighting Attack with both manufactured and natural weaponry
Mounted Combat Fight from a mount
Natural Weapons Attack with inherent physical weaponry
Overrun Plow past or over an opponent as you move
Sunder Strike an opponent’s weapon or shield
Throw Splash Weapon Throw container of dangerous liquid at target
Trip Trip an opponent
Turn (or Rebuke) Undead Channel positive (or negative) energy to turn away (or awe) undead
Two-Weapon Fighting Fight with a weapon in each hand

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