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Weighted Chain

Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Weighted Chain 8-20 gp Varies 10-20 lbs. reach, special, versatile, finesse

This unwieldy device is sometimes called a chain whip, meteor hammer, or kusari-fundo. A weighted chain is considered to be a monk weapon, despite not fulfilling the requirements listed under the Martial Arts class feature. It has multiple ways it can be utilized in combat.

1 Handed
When wielded 1 handed, only part of the chain is used so the weapon loses its reach property. Both ends can be dual-wielded simultaneously in this manner.
2 Handed
The weapon may also be utilized in a two handed fashion where the full length of the chain is utilized. With double the chain length, the weapon operates in 2 modes. If the target is within 5' of the wielder, the target must make a Dex save on a successful hit roll to avoid being tangled in the chain and taking 1/2 weapon damage, no effect on successful save. This is a non-contested restraint. Target or another must spend an action to free the restrained target from the chain. Targets at 10' from the wielder are struck with the weighted ends for a higher damage roll, but as soon as a single target is struck, either by the chain or the weight, the weapon returns to a Rest State.
Rest State
This weapon always begins in a Rest State and returns to a Rest State after it successfully hits a target in 2 Handed wielding or is not readied or used for a full turn. While in Rest State, the weapon cannot be wielded with 2 hands. Rest State is lost at the start of a character's turn when either, A) the character used the weapon in a 1 handed state in the previous turn OR B) had the weapon readied in a previous turn OR at any time during their turn when the character spends 1 attack in an attack action to spin up the chain.
Weighted Ends and Damage
Standard Solid Sphere/Ingot 1d8 (1H) 2d6 (2H) Bludgeoning
Spiked Sphere/Ingot 1d8 (1H) 2d6 (2H) Piercing
Bladed Weight 1d6 (1H) 2d6 (2H) Slashing
Water Sprinkler 1d4 (1H) 2d4 (2H) Bludgeoning + Splash Effect of Potion in Sprinkler
Chain Only 1d4 (1H) 2d4 (2H) Bludgeoning

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