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Bloody Pen of Pacts: A Pen, cased in heavy, runed obsidian. When held by anyone, its runes begin to color, becoming a scarlet hue akin to that of blood.

Created by the God of Pacts, Mephistopheles, the Bloody Pen of Pacts, often shortened to the Bloody Pen, is a magical artifact of powerful effect: It was the original implement made to bind the Pantheon to the Oath, resulting in the common assembly of deities who reign from the Deific Sphere, binding them to the will of their collective court over Tirr.

Since then, the Bloody Pen has found its way to Tirr more than a few times, often when Mephistopheles conducts business with mortals, binding most, if not all, of his agreements with the pen. It has also occasionally be left in the care of mortals, as the malevolent god would watch the pacts it binds with glee.

While the item, itself, has a chilling and disconcerting appearance, when held or left alone, its effects become significant when anyone attempts to sign or make their mark with the pen: For any, and all, agreements made, if an entity, be it deity or mortal, signs with the Bloody Pen, it signs with their blood, and essentially binds them to uphold the terms of the agreement, unto, and beyond, death itself. In this matter, the terms become absolutes, woven into a sort of natural law for the individuals concerned within them. This compulsion cannot be broken by magical means, and can only be rendered null by conditional clauses of nullification in the contract, itself.
Strong Enchantment; CL 20; Weight: 0.5 lb.

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