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Wondrous Item (Pendant), Artifact (Requires Attunement)

Blair is a wire pendant with several small blue gems surrounding a larger gem and a chain. prior to being trapped in a pendant, she was an infamous drow researcher the likes of whom nobody dared approach.

Polymorphism. Blair will frequently change the attuned creature's race. The attuned creature retains any non physical ability scores. All racial bonuses for your character change to the new one, and your equipment remains as it was before the shapechange. She will choose a random creature, gender, and appearance based on ones she's seen before. Blair is a cruel person, oftentimes this will not be a beneficial transformation, and the change is at the DM's discretion.
Sentience. Blair is chaotic neutral with Intelligence 15, Wisdom 13, and Charisma 14
Personality. Blair speaks in a seductive voice similar to that of a drow. She curious and intelligent, and always looks to experiment, showing an interest in examining every magical item she comes near, especially cursed items.

By Ukapala

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