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April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.

Design Note: The statistics of this weapon are completely detached from reality on purpose.

Badass Knife

Simple Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Badass Knife 2d4 piercing or slashing 2 lb. Armor piercing (-2), finesse, light, thrown (range 30/90), special

This is an impossibly cool-looking combat knife, probably blackened and/or with wicked looking serrated edges that somehow never impair its effectiveness, just like the kind you'd see in an '80's action movie. A full foot in length of hardened, finely machined steel, it can cut or stab equally well through just about anything. It never needs sharpening, and it's perfectly balanced for throwing too. Somehow you can always successfully hide it on your person even from trained professionals who should really know better; you gain a +10 bonus to Sleight of Hand checks to conceal it from a search.

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