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Weapon (morningstar), artifact (requires attunement)

The weapon of the apocalypse. This weapon has the innate ability to absorb the souls of any creature that dies within 500 ft of it, capturing the souls into the black gem of the pommel of the weapon giving the weapon one charge per soul(can hold an infinite charge but can only gain a charge by taking a soul). This charge can be used to summon the creature as the creature type undead and gains undead fortitude. These creatures summoned are friendly to you and your allies and will obey telepathic commands. If you issue no commands, the creature will defend itself but take no other actions. The creatures can only be destroyed if it is reduced to 0 hit points or is released by the wielder of the weapon. Once the soul (or charge) is used, it cannot be used again as the soul has been released into the afterlife.


Light as a Soul. For a character that has a 19 Strength, this weapon feels as though it's lighter than air, so it can be wielded in one hand.

Marked. When a creature is hit by the weapon, it becomes marked. Being marked has two effects. One being when the creature is hit by the wielder, it takes an additional 2d10 necrotic damage and must make a DC 21 Wisdom or becomes frightened of you for their next 2 turns. The other being the wielder knows the exact location of the creature as long as the creature is within 1 mile of you for the next two days, after which the mark fades away.

Phantasmal Projection: When a creature dies within a 500 ft radius of the Apocalypse, an astral image of the wielder is sent out to retrieve it's soul so that it can be absorbed. In this form, you can use all your weapons, spells, abilities, and items though they will not have any effect on a soul. While reaping souls, you are not affected by anything from the Realm of the Living, and you cannot affect the Realm of the Living. No one, except you, can see any other astral forms unless they too are dead. Your astral form will fight separate from your character. If anyone or anything attempts to reap the souls that died within 500 ft of the Apocalypse, conflict will arise between your astral form and the other reaper. As an astral form, you can fly at a speed of 30 ft through objects as you are incorporeal.

Possess: Your astral form may attempt to possess a living creature or a non-magical object. For living creatures your WIS must be at least 3 times what you are attempting to possess, up to the DM's discretion. You must also make a DC 20 WIS saving throw after each hour of possession. The saving throw goes up by 2 each hour. For non-magical objects you do not need to attempt any of these checks. When possessing an object you can move it at 'walking' speed of 1 foot and a flying speed of 3 feet.

The weapon deals the damage below on top of regular weapon damage and must make a DC 23 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the target takes full damage, on a successful save, the target takes half damage.

Necrotic: deals 5d8 necrotic damage
Acid: deals 2d8 acid damage
Cold: deals 2d8 cold damage
Fire: deals 2d8 fire damage
Force: deals 4d8 force damage
Poison: deals 2d8 poison damage
Psychic: deals 4d8 psychic damage
Lightning: deals 2d8 lightning damage

This weapon has a +5 to attack rolls, you may also, as a bonus action, teleport to any visible target within 200 ft. All critical rolls deal triple damage.

Special Ability: Once the weapon has consumed and stored 1000 souls, the wielder can call upon the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.
Conquest (White Horse): deals 10d12 force damage, 10d12 radiant damage, 10d12 thunder damage, 10d12 lightning damage
War (Red Horse): deals 10d12 fire damage, 10d12 bludgeoning damage, 10d12 piercing damage, 10d12 slashing damage
Famine (Black Horse): deals 12d12 acid damage, 10d12 poison damage, 4 levels of exhaustion
Death (Pale Horse): deals 15d12 necrotic damage, deals 10d12 cold damage, deals 12d12 psychic damage

Intended targets(chosen by the wielder) within a 2 mile radius will be attacked by the Horsemen. No saves or attack rolls will be available, resistances will be negated.

Destroying the Apocalypse. Cannot be destroyed by any other means than Death himself.

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