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Human Armory[edit]

Humanity’s Military equipment heavily resembles modern equipment. Alongside the listed items, one can acquire modern armors.

Mjolnir Mk. IV

Mjolnir Mk. V

Mjolnir Mk. VI

Type IIA Bulletproof Armor (5e Equipment)

Stab Vest, Level 1 Spikes (5e Equipment)

MA5C Assault Rifle

BR55 Battle Rifle

M6 Magnum Sidearm



AIE-486H HMG (use caution, as access to this weapon is a high level class feature)

Sniper Rifle System 99C-Series 2 Anti-Matériel

M90 Shotgun

SPNKR Rocket Launcher (use caution, as access to this weapon is a high level class feature)

NA4 Defoliant Projector (use caution etc.)

M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle (use caution etc.)

H-165 Forward Observer Module (use caution etc.)


M808B Main Battle Tank


M290-M ATV

D77H-TCI Pelican

GA-TL1 Longsword

UH-144 Falcon

Covenant Armory[edit]

The Covenant uses highly advanced plasma weaponry. Keep that in mind when allowing unlisted equipment into Covenant based campaigns.

Combat Harness

Energy Shield

Type-51 Carbine

Type-1 Energy Sword

Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol

Type-25 Plasma Rifle

Type-33 Needler

Type-50 Beam Sniper

Type-33 Fuel Rod Cannon

Type-33b Assault Cannon (see spnkr)

Gravity Hammer


Type-26 Wraith

Type-48 Revenant

Type-32 Ghost

Promethean Arsenal[edit]

Promethean weapons, when not being created and wielded by prometheans, can only be found on the ashes of fallen promethean soldiers. No current civilization can currently recreate these weapons.


Binary Rifle

Suppressor Rifle


Miscellaneous Equipment[edit]

Plasma Cells- 5 gp/2 cells

Necessary for firing plasma weaponry.

Subanese Crystals- 10 gp/20 rounds

Necessary for firing Needlers.

7.62 Rifle Rounds- 5 gp/10 rounds

Necessary for firing larger UNSC weaponry.

Shotgun Shells- 5gp/15 rounds

Necessary for firing shotguns.

12.7×40mm M228 SAP-HP/.50 Magnum Rounds- 5 gp/20 rounds

Necessary for firing smaller UNSC weaponry.

25x130mm Electromagnetic Round- 50 gp/5 rounds

Necessary for firing gauss weaponry.

102mm Shaped Rocket- 100 gp/2 rockets

Necessary for firing rocket-based weaponry.

Personal Fuel- 10gp/15 gills

Necessary for using combustion-based devices.

Oxygen Sealant- 100 gp.

Requires attunement. When applied to an armor, allows the wearer to survive in the void of space in 10 minutes intervals, requiring 12 seconds to flood the system with oxygen.

Personal Energy Shield- 100 gp.

Requires attunement. When applied to an armor that does not already have an energy shield, you gain 10 temporary hit points which refresh after not taking damage for 3 rounds (18 seconds).

Fragmentation Grenade- 15 gp.

Used as a ranged attack. Thrown (15/30). 3d6 Fire and 2d6 Piercing in a 15 foot radius. Both damage types are reduced by 1d6 for every 5 feet from the area hit.

Non-specified Equipment

Modern 5e Adventuring Gear and Armor (not weapons) for UNSC or Futuristic Adventuring Gear for Covenant and Promethean.

Reflavoring and Replacement[edit]


The MechMaster, due to the setting, would not have the magical flavoring it originally had. Mechs are reflavored as HRUNTING Mark III [B] Exoskeletons, also known as Cyclopses, and Titans are reflavored as HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense Systems, also known as the Mantises. Mantises have 20 less hit points than listed, but has an identical temporary hit point system to Mjolnir Mk. V. If playing as the Covenant, they are reflavored as Goblin mechs and Heavy Goblin. If playing as a Promethian, they are reflavored as Knight Battlewaggons and Knight Luminaries. In addition your starting equipment options for armor and weaponry are replaced with the following.

  • Hand crossbow -> M6C
  • Quarterstaff -> M7
  • Javelins -> Hand grenades
  • Studded Leather -> Type IIA Bulletproof Vest
  • Hide Armor -> Stab Vest, Level 1 Spikes

To fit the setting, the Soldier class must have its weapons changed to the above listed human weaponry.

  • LMG -> AIE-486H
  • SMG -> M7
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol -> M6C
  • Sniper Rifle -> 99C Series
  • Automatic Rifle -> MA5C

As above, certain items given by this class do not fit this setting. Please observe the following changes.

  • light crossbow -> M6C
  • bolts -> bullets
  • Studded Leather -> Type IIA Bulletproof Vest
  • Hide Armor -> Stab Vest, Level 1 Spikes
  • Revolver, a Rifle, 12 Bullets, and Tinker's tools -> M6C or M7 and Tinker’s tools

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