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  • Category:Natural Type - change the category for all these to Category: Natural Origin
  • Image for every race, starting with those without a maintenance template.
  • #dpl generated feat table for those races that have feats
  • Move racial variants from 4e Races to 4e Racial Trait Variants. (Dwarf, Dragonborn, Halfling, Elf, Tiefling, Half-Elf, Drow).
  • 4e Creatures - check fields: make sure "elite", "solo" are in "role2" field; make sure "leader" is in "leader" field, etc. Check transcluded categories are correct.
  • Alternate Essentials-style templates for creatures.
  • 4e artifact categories should be heroic / paragon / epic; not "minor" and "major"
    • Make a 4e artifact preload
  • Add a "description" field to every 4e race to make the race list look nice.
  • 4e Feats - x0 template is no longer needed; remove from all Feat pages and make sure summary field is filled in.
    • 4e Class Feats - organize by class; move homebrew to seperate pages and make DPL index.
  • Add "rarity" field to all 4e magic items; remove transcluded categories
  • 4e Deities - make new template and update all pages.
  • Update all diseases to the new template.
  • Add weapon category (hammer, flail, heavy blade, etc) to all 4e Mundane Weapons.
  • Add the infrastructure to support D&D Essentials-style class system to 4e Powers and 4e Feats
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