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Monstrous Centipede Sizes
Size Body Length Body Width* Height
Tiny 2 feet 3 inches 1 1/2 inches
Small 4 feet 6 inches 3 inches
Medium-size 8 feet 1 foot 6 inches
Large 15 feet 2 feet 1 foot
Huge 30 feet 4 feet 2 feet
Gargantuan 60 feet 8 feet 4 feet
Colossal 120 feet 16 feet 8 feet
*The number includes the centipede’s body and its legs; the actual body width is about a third of the total.

Poison (Ex): See the Vermin Poison table.

Skills: Monstrous centipedes receive a +4 racial bonus to Climb, Hide, and Spot checks.

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