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NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Adom bin Jibade Centaur Fighter 2 Centaur bodyguard to Al Mehmed, who receives prophetical visions.
Dijai Soulbound Human Psion (Seer) 5 The twin of Dijoi, who, while created by the gods, has outlived her use. Now a revolutionary leader.
Dijoi Soulbound Human Wilder lvl 5 The twin of Dijai, who, while created by the gods, has outlived his use. Now a revolutionary leader.
Hoskuld human fighter 7 Rebel soldier against the empire.
Jaida human wizard (diviner) 7 Court seer for King Marak.
Joel Ardale Human Spell Warper 7 Armed with only a few knives, a swift footed farmer apposes your entry to his farm.
Judgmental Retinue Human Knight 3/Ranger 3/Rogue 3/Barbarian 4 A retinue of powerful combatants who serve Torg Cudean blindly.
Karass, Guardian of Drake's Hollow Human Sorcerer 2/Phoenix 5 Karass guards the small town of Drake's Hollow from thieves, raiders, and savage humanoids.
Kilk Scar Half-orc Barbarian 5 Cast off creature from the Plane of Lust
Miggy the Render Half-Dragon (Black) Goblin Barbarian 1, Fighter 4 A jet-black goblin-dragon who likes to bully his goblin half-brothers
Sheogi custom golem barbarian 4 Unique golem created by the mage Joel Minza.
Terren Human Ranger 5/Falconer 2 A nobleman's huntmaster
The Hayworth Family
Ulermo Spiderborn

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