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Name Race Levels Description
Andarra Bloodmane
Bar'mini Rakshasa Cleric 7 A divine-caster rakshasa who uses her ability to heal only to hurt.
Damian Loki Kaylik (3.5e Race) wizard 9/Augmentor (3.5e Prestige Class) 8 Through force of arcane might & physical violence, Damian Loki seeks challenge, adventure & fortune across the known worlds of the multiverse & beyond.
Darshan gray elf wizard (evoker) 15/archmage 2 Using no weapons, no allies, and no familiars, Darshan stands alone. With the power of the arcane at his side, he tackles his opponents effortlessly and shows no mercy.
Eerly Weinstein goblin rogue 17 Goblin Rogue.
Geruul Ra'tesh Rakshasa 6 Fighter, 11 Ashborn A well-known, and often highly intimidating, Ashborn mercenary with a unique sense of honor.
Maverick Stone Jann Sonic Warrior 6 A tall, rather mad looking man wearing a dusty cloak and matching boots.
Osahar Ini-herit Doppelganger Time Bender 9 A dark form stands in the shadows just on the edge of vision, it seems to be shifting from one form to another, the only thing remaining fix being it's eyes, eyes that look as though they could pierce your very soul.
Ssazter drider lizardfolk druid 6/blighterCD 6 Ex-druid corrupted by dark magic.
Yasunori Kato Human wizard 17 Human wizard
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