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Name Race Levels Description
Adept Shauna Human Biotic Vanguard 1 A female biotic soldier.
Agatha Human Wizard (Diviner) 3 A small-statured shy diviner. Getting by with the mysterious profession of future-telling.
Albaric Berenthar human ranger 1 Human sailor, who works where ever there are jobs
Biotic Vanguard (3.5e Class)
Gromel orc barbarian 1 An orc barbarian who enjoys smashing heads.
Hat Human Commoner John Asyond is called Hat bay most people, because he usually wears crazy, over the top hats.
Merry Footstink gnome bard 1 Leader of the traveling troupe The Promenade
Mouser Catkin lorechaser 1 A young lorechaser ready to find adventure.
Orvis The Dwarven Cleric Dwarf Cleric 1 Human Cleric of Pelor
Primitive human primitive 1 Simple human
Rani elves gemini dancer 1 Principle dancer of traveling troupe The Promenade
Snuggly Pigglebottom gnome bard 1 Poster child for NPC instructions.
Strings catkin rogue 1 Point person for The Promenade
Yōgo-sha Human Sandbender Devoted defender of the desert temple of Karura
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