'Dirty' Laser Rifle (5e Equipment)

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'Dirty' Laser Rifle

Simple Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
'Dirty' Laser Rifle Rare 6d8 fire 8 lb. Ammunition (range 60/240), loading, two-handed, irradiated, special

Dirty Laser Rifles incorporate spent fissile materials (nuclear waste) into jury-rigged laser weapons, making them unstable, dangerous, and highly radioactive.

Irradiated. This weapon produces large amounts of harmful radiation. For every hour you spend with this weapon on your person, you must make a DC 15 constitution save. On a failed save, your maximum HP is reduced by one point. If your max HP ever drops to zero in this way, you die. If you spend a long rest without this laser rifle or another irradiated item, you may make a DC 15 constitution save. On a successful save, you can add the amount of max HP you lost to your current max HP value.

Special. A target hit with this weapon must make a DC 20 constitution save, or have their max HP reduced by the damage taken. A target reduced to zero hit points in this way dies, with max HP recovery rules being shared with Irradiated recovery rules.

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