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I'm GamerAim and I have been a semi-active member of D&D Wiki for five years, having come for the now-abandoned Fallout campaign setting for d20 Modern. Since then, I've created a number of templates, some original content, some conversions and some transcriptions. Due in large part to my work on the d20 Open Game Content Publication Transcription Project and my helpful attitude, I was elected an admin in May of 2017. I hope to serve the users of D&D Wiki well and welcome people to contact me on my talk page if they have need.

When I'm not at college, everything I do pretty much involves RPGs or gaming in some way: I'm an amateur programmer, games designer, gamepad and console enthusiast and character sheet maker, amongst other things. I love AD&D 2e, modern, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic and whimsical fantasy settings, splat books and monsters.


If you see an error on a locked page, or want me to do something otherwise normally discussed on a talk page, leave a message on my talk page and I'll see it sooner and get it done quicker. It's a good way to leave a reminder. If you need something done more urgently (or just want to talk in real-time), I'm oftentimes in the Tavern as well! Note that while I will do my best to help in all regards, I am not well-versed in 4e or 5e D&D mechanics, so ask me for balance advice at your own peril :P


To Do[edit]

  • 3e SRD
    • 3e SRD:Fly
    • 3e Monster Manual:
    • 3e Creature template hyperlinking.
  • OGC
    • Fix OGC:Races
    • Swords into Plowshares
    • Fallout d20
    • OSRIC, FG&G, DD
    • Preloads and template examples.
  • Convert Supernaturalist (3.5e Class) to Pathfinder.
  • Make a proper ammunition template.
  • Check the spell lists.
  • System Reference Expansion (5e Sourcebook)
    • Immortals Handbook
  • Ruthenium
    • RadZone
    • Adventures on Planar Earth
    • The List
    • Corporate Wars
  • AG&G 1e
  • AG&G 2e
  • AG&G 3e (4e clone)
  • OGL Re-imagined
    • USURP
    • Nighttime Undercover
      • TSU
    • Star Wardens
    • Traditional Fantasy Roleplaying
    • Ten Kingdoms RPG

Whatever The Heck This Was For[edit]

Weapon Con1 Stat2 Idea3 Exo4 d205 PnP6
Wattz 1,000 2d6 2d10 2d8 2d8/2d10 3d6+1 2d8
AEP7 2d6 2d6 3d6 3d10
Plasma 2d8 3d12 3d8 2d10 3d6+2 3d10
Enclave 2d10 4d8 2d12 4d10
Solar 2d8 4d12 4d10 4d8 3d8 6d10
Defend 2d12 3d12 4d6 4d12
Alien 2d10 4d20 4d12 4d10 3d10+3 5d10+30
Plasma 2d6/2d8 3d12 3d10 2d10 3d6+2 1d20+10
Plasma 2d6/2d8 3d12 3d10 2d10 3d6+2 1d20+10
Plasma 2d6/2d8 3d12 3d10 2d10 3d6+2 1d20+10


Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I award you this barnstar for transcribing Crime and Punishment. This entire transcription, and as a test bed for OGC:Main, is highly noteworthy. Great work! --Green Dragon (talk) 12:48, 21 May 2017 (UTC)

To My Comrade[edit]

I hope my support has chatisfied thee, taken doth sin from thou insinuation, and cast the gaze of thy eyes solely upon thee.

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