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Hi this is Blobby383b or blobby/blob for short, I joined D&D Wiki in June 2017. I enjoy being creative, playing games, watching streams, and love to tinker, edit, and balance custom content for a variety of games. Below you will find my major edits and work on the wiki and other info.

My favorite game as of now is: Rimworld

My Last favorite games(far right oldest): Dota 2, Skyrim, Civilization V, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, Golden Sun + Lost Age, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy Tactics, and The Legend of Zelda A Link to The Past

Other Interests: RPG/Adventure/Strategy games, watching streams, manga, creating custom content for games I like, listening to music, ect.

Other Things: I have also done touch up work on various other pages not listed here that needed balancing, if you want to talk about me, my edits, possible new creations or my creations head over to my discussion page or email me. If you want to talk to me about my current edits go over to the talk page of the respective page I am working on.

My WIP Pages:[edit]

A unique melee fighter of some sort

A psychic/soul user/ect. type class


Created or Reworked Pages:[edit]


Arcane Archer (5e Class)(rework)(created the majority of the features, reworked the class from being completely unbalanced and unfinished)

Battlemage (5e Class)(rework)(lots of balancing edits, general grammar edits, and creation of several features)

Battle Medic (5e Class)(create)(close to creating the entire class from scratch, see page history)

Black Mage (5e Class)(rework and create)(created about half the class, added quick build, general balance of class)

Blood Mage, Variant (5e Class)(created)

Commander (5e Class)(created)

Dragon Ogre (5e Race)(created)(with Marasmusine)

Guardian (5e Class)(created)

Horn Hunter (5e Class)(created)(close to creating the entire class from scratch)

Nomad (5e Class)(rework)(with Marasmusine)

Overlord (5e Class)(rework)(Massive overhaul of the entire class)

Primal Fighter (5e Class)(rework)(general balance, grammar, new features, ect.)

Shade (5e Class)(created)

Shapeshifter (5e Class)(created)(re-did class from scratch)

Spectrum Mage (5e Class)‎(created)

Spellthief (5e Class)(created)(put in a lot of work into recreating almost all of class from the ground up)

Warden (5e Class)(created)(close to creating the entire class from scratch)

Weapon Master (5e Class)(rework)(general balance, nerfing of most features, creation of more balanced features, other work on class)

Wind Blade (5e Class)‎(created)(with Gamegeniecentral)


Necrolyte (5e Creature)(created)(with SirSprinkles)


Areis's Second (5e Equipment)(rework)

Blade of Glory's Wrath (5e Equipment)(rework)

Blade of Power Absorption (5e Equipment)(rework)

Bow of Light (5e Equipment)(rework)

Clockwork Blade Bow (5e Equipment)(rework)

Club of Giant Power (5e Equipment)(created)

Curling Water (5e Equipment)(rework)

Entropic Bone Quarterstaff (5e Equipment)(rework)

Ethereal Bow (5e Equipment)(created)

Guiding Bow (5e Equipment)(rework)

Revealing Weapon (5e Equipment)(created)

Runed Cane Sword (5e Equipment)(rework)

Stirrups (5e Equipment)(created)

Yin & Yang (5e Equipment)(rework)

Feats & Boons & Archetypes[edit]

Marksman (5e Feat)‎(created)

Oath of the Moon (5e Archetype)(created)

Oath of the Old Ones (5e Archetype)(rework)(general balance, rewriting and lots of reworking)


Aquaebant (5e Race)(rework)(general balance, adding description, height and weight table, other work on race)

Denieran (5e Race)(rework)(close to complete rewrite and complete rework done)

Half-Crystallid (5e Race)(rework)(improved wording, balanced, and added unique subraces)

Half-Solar (5e Race)(rework)(reworked traits, added description and height and weight table)

Imposed Corpse (5e Race)(rework)(pretty much everything re-done, kept the idea of several traits)

Insectaur (5e Race)(rework)(close to complete rewrite and several traits reworked and balanced)

Mana Creature (5e Race)(created)(with Marasmusine)

Pseudoimmortal (5e Race)(created)

Skeksis (5e Race)(created)(close to creating the entire race from scratch)


Crushing Despair (5e Spell)(rework)

Good Hope (5e Spell)(rework)

Hyper Compress (5e Spell)(rework)(with SirSprinkles)

Magic Fang, Greater (5e Spell)(rework)(with SirSprinkles)

Mending Sinews (5e Spell)(created)

Scout (5e Spell)(created)

Other Contributions:[edit]

Besides completely reworking pages, I have also done other work balancing and completing various other pages. Everything listed below I am a secondary or tertiary contributor of:

Blessed Automaton (5e Race), Charr (5e Race), Copper Dragon Rapier (5e Equipment), Gaia's Fujin Yumi (5e Equipment), Lasher (5e Race), Pheonixhearted (5e Race), Skeleton (5e Race), Something (5e Spell), and Sylvari (5e Race)

Other Cool and Unique Pages:[edit]

Aura Guardian (5e Class), Blood Knight (5e Class), Channeler (5e Class),

The Betrayed (5e Race), Dvati (5e Race), Mesmer (5e Class), Satyr (5e Race), Sun-Born (5e Race)

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