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Racial Feats[edit]

These feats can be used with races from the SRD and other WotC publications.
Racial Feats
Feat Race Summary
Underfoot Striker (Underfoot Combat Variant) Halfling Can occupy space of another creature one size category larger.

Favored Child Human Divine blood makes you hardier.
Darkwood Body (Warforged) Warforged For warforged druids and such.
Elven Glamour Elf The magic of the elven ancients is strong in your veins.
Initiate of the Red Robes Orc The red robes females rule Orc society and are constantly commanding and instructing the males.
Sacred Dwarven Spirit Dwarf With the divine spirit of your deity you can turn a troop of dwarven allies into an unsurmountable line of defense.
Elven Archery Elf You are an expert in the art of elven archery.
Elvish Heritage Elf You are taught from a young age to move naturally through the forest, hiding from enemies. You can naturally use skills that you otherwise wouldn't be able to.
Stalwart Defender Dwarf You are truly a dwarven bastion of strength.
Changeling Beasthide Changeling You can disguise as an animal.
Spellweb Drow You can use the inborn drow magic to summon webs from thin air.
Greater Persona Immersion Changeling You immerse yourself fully into your role and deceive even magical sensors.
Changeling Darkvision Changeling You inherited the ability to see in the dark from your Doppleganger ancestry.
Camouflage Skin Changeling You trained to imitate structures and surfaces with your shapechange.
Advanced Plating I Warforged You've been augmented with interlocking plates into existing armor. Some of these plates may look decorative, but they provide well need protection.
Ablative Armor Warforged Your armor plating is layered to push back explosively, reducing damage... at least for a little while.
Dwarven Heart Rage Dwarf Your dwarven soul is stronger while in rage.
Elven Spell Recovery Elf Your elven 4-hour trance is just as restful as a normal 8-rest.
Improved Minor Shapechange Changeling Your minor shapechange ability is considerably more powerful.
Doppel-Jointed Changeling Your shapechange ability made your body flexible, allowing you to shake off bonds and sommersault with ease.
Greater Racial Emulation Changeling Your shapechanging abilities are developed to a point where you know how to emulate a race so intimately, you can do it without concious effort.

Feats for Homebrew Races[edit]

Independent page listings

Table: User Races Racial Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Bamfling Racial Feats
- Bamf Confusion The ability to bamf 3 times per 2 hours. Grants the ability to "bamf" multiple times in a round with a grappled enemy
Feline Racial Feats
- Fangs of the Feline Feline Race You gain a secondary bite attack.
- Cat Snatch Bite attack, Feline Race You may start a grapple as a free action with your bite attack.
- Pouncing Kitty Feline Race You may make a full attack after a charge.
Inhuman Racial Feats
- Marked apart Inhuman, awareness of being an inhuman Reroll one save 1/day.
- Midnight's Champion Norkton, awareness of being a Norkton, Marked apart Darkvision 120', blindsight 5' in natural darkness, +3 Will saves at night
- My Heart Will Go On Hendyn, awareness of being a Hendyn, Marked apart +3 bonus save vs Death effects, Negative levels, Fear, Sadness related attacks, ability damage, ability drain, blinding and deafening.
- Perfect moment Peir-Faiff, awareness of being a Peir-Faiff, Marked apart +1 bonus on one type of save. 1/day add character level to save roll.
- Song of the Soul Aanan, awareness of being an Aanan, Marked apart Heightened awareness of creatures with souls within 30'.
- Talk with the Animals Gronfrox, awareness of being a Gronfrox, Marked apart Sancuary from animal attacks. +4 bonus to Wild Empathy checks, saves and opposed roll checks from animals.
- Truth is beauty Xenex, awareness of being a Xenex, Marked apart +4 bonus to attack rolls and saves against those that cause you pain through lies.
Mechanoid Racial Feats
- Enhanced Armor Any Mechanoid, except Bronze. Gain +1 armor bonus
- Armor flexibility Mechanoid, Dex 13 Increase the maximum dexterity bonus by +1
- Mauler Mechanoid, Str 15 gain 2 slam attacks
- Composite plating Mechanoid gain extra 5 Hp
- Mithral Speed Mithral Mechanoid, BAB +3 Use haste 1 more time / day and increase its power
- Adamantine Toughness Adamantine Mechanoid, Base Fort save +3 Use invulnerability burst 1 more time / day
- Platinum Suggestion Platinum Mechanoid, Diplomacy 5 ranks, Charisma 17 geas / quest is more potent
- Monk Adaptation Iron or Mithral Mechanoid, Monk level 1. gain benefit of monk class abilities even when armored
- Earthshaker Mechanoid, body weight of atleast 1000 lb, Jump 5 ranks, Str 17 gain a special ground shake attack
- Overcome electricity injury Mechanoid, Great Fortitude You have no ill effects when hit from electricity.
- Machine Power BAB +4, Str 17 When you fail a Str check, gain a cumulative +2 bonus on that check.
- Modular Body Mechanoid, Character Level 1 You can install Mechanoid Grafts to yourself.
- Combat Modification Mechanoid, Character Level 1 You have 2 special movements usable in combat.
- Runner Modification Mechanoid, Character Level 1 You have 2 special movements usable in combat and overland.
- Ground-dweller Modification Mechanoid, Character Level 1 You have 2 special movements usable when adventuring.
Ogrillon Racial Feats
- Big Brute Ogrillon Your physical stature lets you function in many ways as if you were one size category larger.
Sundowners Racial Feats
- Additional Form Racial ability to alter one’s form into the likeness of another. The character gains an additional form into which they can shift.
- Free Form Ability to alter one’s form into the likeness of another. The character is able to mimic a wide array of other beings.
Tanreiss Racial Feats
- Magnificent Pride Tanreiss You gain +2 Cha.
- Noble Vigor Tanreiss You gain +2 Con.
- Perfect Senses Tanreiss You no longer have light sensitivity, and your natural senses improve dramatically.
- Strength of Kings Tanreiss You gain +2 Str.
- Tanreiss Ambusher Tanreiss You can charge flat-footed opponents for more damage.
- Tanreiss Lunge Tanreiss, BAB +6. You can make a full attack after a charge.
- Tanreiss Roar Tanreiss You can Intimidate multiple foes at once.
- Deafening Roar Tanreiss, Tanreiss Roar You can deafen opponents with your Intimidating roar.
- Terrifying Air Tanreiss You scare others just by existing.
- Toughened Hide Tanreiss You gain +2 natural armor.
Blood Elf Racial Feats
- Improved Arcane Torrent Blood Elf, Will Save +2 You're Arcane Torrent returns spells at a 1 to 1 ratio
- Expanded Arcane Torrent Blood Elf, Wis14 You're Arcane Torrent range extends to 10ft.
Draenei Racial Feats
- Heroic Presence Draenei, Level 7, Cha 15 You're very presence boost the moral of those around you.

Feats for several races[edit]

Table: Other (Centered Around Ability) Racial Feats
Feat Prerequisites Benefit
4.08 Enhanced Scent Wis 13, racial scent ability Your racial scent abilities work more effectively than others of your race.
3.88 Enhanced Spell-Like Abilities Cha 13, racial spell-like abilities Your racial spell-like abilities have more effect than normal for your race.
3.90 Extended Burst Cha 15, burst racial ability You are able to maintain your burst ability for longer than others of your race.
3.90 Extended Outburst Cha 15, Outburst racial ability You are able to maintain your outburst ability for longer than others of your race.
3.90 Extra Burst Cha 13, burst racial ability You are able to perform your burst racial ability more than three times per day.
3.85 Extra Outburst Cha 13, Outburst racial ability You are able to perform your outburst racial ability more than once per day.
3.87 Improved Outburst Cha 13, outburst racial ability You gain more from your outburst racial ability than other members of your race.
4.04 Improved Stability Str 13, stability as a racial ability You are more stable than normal for your race.
4.10 Improved Stonecunning Wis 13, Stonecunning as a racial ability Your stonecunning ability is more acute than normal for your race.
4.04 Quick Scent Wis 15, Racial scent ability Your racial scent abilities work more quickly than others of your race.
3.35 Tail Slam Merfolk or tailed half-merrow only You are trained to use your powerful tail and flukes as a weapon.
3.55 Tail Walking Merfolk or tailed half-merrow only You have learned to use your tail while out of water somewhat more gracefully than most of your kind.

Feats for Racial Abilities[edit]


Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Advanced Aerial Combat Str 15, Dex 15 You have become so effective in combat that you have learned to control a greater area in the battlefield.
Aerial Combat Str 15, Dex 15 You are trained to fight while in flight.
Aerobatics You are at home in the air. You understand the properties of wind resistance and aerodynamics and how to optimize your situation in the air.
Dive-Bomb Str 15+, Dex 15+, Aerial Combat You are trained to attack at speed from above.
Greater Aerial Combat Str 15, Dex 15, Fly speed 30ft (good), Aerial Combat, Advanced Aerial Combat You have learned to use air and gravity to your own benefit.
Greater Dive-Bomb Str 15+, Dex 15+, Fly speed 30ft (good)+, Aerial Combat, Greater Aerial Combat, Dive-Bomb, Improved Dive-Bomb You are trained to attack at speed from above, without your enemy having time to react.
Improved Dive-Bomb Str 15+, Dex 15+, Aerial Combat, Dive-Bomb You have done Dive-Bombs some many times that you can now use them without losing sight of your enemy.
Spawn of Pazuzu Fly speed, poor maneuverability, Vestigal Wings You have a hereditary link to the Prince of the Lower Aerial Kingdoms that causes your wings to grow much larger, giving you an increased fly speed.
Spin Attack Dex 13, fly speed, Medium size or larger Your wings can be used as weapons.
Spirited Dive

Note: All of these feats have the implicit prerequisite "fly speed"

Sourcebook Feats[edit]

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