Zonder Madness (3.5e Feat)

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Host Zonder Core Host Zonder Core, 6th level Your Zonder Core starts to take over your mind. -

Zonder Madness [Deformity]

The Zonder Core inside of your body starts to corrupt your mind, a bane and a boon.
Prerequisite: Host Zonder Core, 6th level
Benefit: If you are evil, you gain immunity to mind-effecting abilities. Neutral characters also gain immunity, but must make Will saves, DC 21, when faced with decisions. If he fails, the character chooses the most evil and self-serving choice available. Good characters have no benefit, and must make the Will saves. Even if he successfully saves, he takes 5d6 nonlethal damage from resisting the squirming evil within his body.
Special: This feat may be selected as a vile feat.

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