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Deformity Feats: Deformity Feats are a special category of feats.

Vile Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Awaken Core Host Zonder Core, 9th level The Zonder Core is active, making you difficult to kill.
Zonder Force Host Zonder Core, 3rd level. The power of the Zonder awaiten inside of you, granting you supernatural powers.
Zonder Link Host Zonder Core, 12th level Your Zonder Core links you to the Zonder Collective, giving you powers at the price of your sanity. The voices of other Zonders and something worse haunt you.
Zonder Madness Host Zonder Core, 6th level The Zonder Core inside of your body starts to corrupt your mind, a bane and a boon.
Zonder Sense Host Zonder Core The Zonder Core allows you to see through the Deep Fog, and sense other Zonders.
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