Zerfallen Cavern Goblin (5e Creature)

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Zerfallen Cavern Goblin[edit]

Small monstrosity, chaotic evil

Armor Class 12
Hit Points 7 (2d6 + 1)
Speed 25 ft.

7 (-2) 15 (+2) 8 (-1) 5 (-3) 8 (-1) 4 (-3)

Skills Stealth +10
Damage Vulnerabilities Slashing
Damage Immunities Necrotic
Condition Immunities Grappled, Restrained, Poisoned
Senses passive Perception 10, Darkvision 120 ft., Tremorsense 30 ft.
Challenge 1/2 (100 XP)

Palpable Form. Due to the goblin's heavily mutated and deliquesce body, the Zerfallen Cavern Goblin can move through solid objects up to its movement. Due to their Tremorsense, they always know whether or not they can make it through a solid object.

Sunlight Sensitivity. While in sunlight, the goblin has disadvantage on attack rolls, as well as on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight.


Lurch. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 9 (2d6 + 2) Bludgeoning damage, plus an additional 8 (1d8 + 4) Necrotic damage that cannot be healed until the target finishes a short or long rest.


Permeation. Due to the goblin's heavily mutated and deliquesce body, the Zerfallen Cavern Goblin can use its reaction to roll a 2d12 to reduce the damage of an incoming attack. If the result of the dice is equal or greater than the damage of the incoming attack, and the attack is a melee weapon, a thick sludge of the Zerfallen Cavern Goblin's body sticks to the weapon and that weapon now has disadvantage on attack rolls against Zerfallen Cavern Goblins and do half damage to them as well.

Deep, deep down in the Zerfallen Cavern, an adventuring party notices a single level of Exhaustion due to the highly radioactive ores present in the abandoned mine. As the group progresses down, they begin to notice slopping sounds, not too uncanny in such a damp cave, however these seem mildy unnatural. As the group gets deeper and deeper the slopping sounds disappear.

Twelve Zerfallen Cavern Goblins soak through thin cave walls 20 ft. behind the party, roll stealth, and prepare to attack.

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