Wraiths, Albion (3.5e Race)

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Wraiths are a race of ghost-like humanoids who gather themselves into clans. Due to their strange natural magic abilities, wraiths make excellent assassins.


Wraiths are a cold race, rarely smiling, jesting, or laughing. Their natural abilities make them excellent assassins, and their personality follows this trend.

Physical Description[edit]

Wraiths stand slightly shorter then humans, and are significantly lighter of build. They have white skin and hair, and their eyes are usually black or gray. Their ears are slightly pointed, and their limbs and digits are slender and elongated.


Wraiths are mistrusted and feared, and are usually only accepted by cambions, golems, and aeth.


Wraiths lean slightly towards evil, but almost as many are neutral.


Wraiths dwell primarily in large cities.


Wraiths worship Ephema, a goddess of shadows, death, and the night.


Wraiths speak their own tongue, Ectral, as well as Common.

Racial Traits[edit]

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