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Minute details make the world come to life. They don't necessarily have mechanical uses. Some do, like curses and disease. Other things are flavor, like torture techniques, trap-builds, architecture, and the like!

Bygone Nations[edit]

These countries no longer exist save in historic accounts of the Old World. They predate the destruction which developed the continents later. For the most part, they just make the world history more detailed.

Diseases and Curses[edit]

Varghoulie Fever

A nasty bout of this is believed to come from the creatures known as varghoulies. But some people are said to have come down with it on their own, usually those who have been under severe amounts of stress and not been taking good care of their physique. It is said this causes their thoughts to go wild and take another form, ripping off their head and living on its own, leaving the decapitated body. They can then go on and infect other living with it. The most famous example of this is Matsuma, whose famous tomb is said to be where his head remains a constant haunt.

Tagmaling Curse

This curse is brought about as a result of being slashed by the dirty claws of the tigbanua, who are known to dwell in the forests of Dasoon. It changes the victim into one of these strange monstrous peoples.



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