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Wingstorm [General][edit]

You flatten targets with blasts of air from your wings.
Prerequisite: Dragon, flyspeed 20+, Hover, Power Attack, Size Large+, Str 13+
Benefit: As a full-round action, you can hover in place and use your wings to create a blast of air in a cylinder with a radius and height of 10 feet times your age category.

The wind blows from the center of your body toward the ground. Creatures on the ground (including those driven to the ground by the use of this feat) are blown toward the edge of the cylinder. The wind strength depends on your size: (Dragon Size, Wind Effect) Large, Severe; Huge, Windstorm; Gargantuan, Hurricane; Colossal, Tornado.

Because the blast of air only lasts for your turn, creatures ignore the checked wind effect unless they are airborne (in which case they are blown back 1d6x5 feet).
Special: You can opt to continue the effect until the beginning of your next turn. Anyone in or entering the cylinder is affected. Because you are producing a continuous blast of air the checked condition works normally while the wind lasts (checked creatures cannot move foreward against the force of the wind. If airborne, they are blown backward 1d6x5 feet).

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