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--Kydo (talk) 21:45, 16 December 2018 (MST)[edit]

Welcome to the grand stadium, friends, colleagues, and eldritch horrors! Here, your creations can be put to the test and measured up against other content to see how it stacks up! Worried your class is OP? Concerned your race might be boring? Well enroll a character with the stadium today and see your content take flight! (Or go down in flames) The rules for entry are simple:

  1. 5th edition content only.
  2. The tester contributes 1 character.
  3. That character must be built using the homebrew in question.
  4. Only 1 homebrew per character.
  5. The rest of the character must be built using core rules content and rules only.
  6. The tester must enroll the character in a test plan including any combination of the three pillars.
    1. Combat. Your character will be subjected to a series of combat encounters. One easy, one moderate, one hard, one deadly, and one equivalent PC. The battles will occur in a randomly selected list of 10 battlefields, each measuring 60ft square. The NPC combats will be generated at random using Kobold Fight Club. The combats will be isolated with a fully healed character at the start of each one, so don't be afraid to go nova!
    2. Exploration. Your character will be subjected to a full adventuring day of wilderness survival and dungeon crawling, as per the DMG guidelines.
    3. Socialization. Your character will be subjected to a scenario of political intrigue, involving negotiation, deceit, observation, and player ingenuity. This will be much more subjective.
    4. Combination. You can mix and match these pillars. For example, you might ask to test both combat and exploration, or even all three pillars! Such tests will blend the material together. For example, a test of social and combat skill will have a character navigating a complex and deadly socialization scenario in which failures (or successes) in socialization lead directly to combat encounters, and where combat encounters can be resolved through social measures.
  7. The DM will be Kydo.
  8. He will operate as either a deprotagonizing Gygaxian jerk, or as a wimpy pushover; your choice. Either way, he will be as impartial as humanly possible.
  9. Kydo will design the test and present it to the tester for approval. On approval, the test will begin in a sub-page linked from here.
  10. It is up to the tester to measure what metrics matter to them, but Kydo will summarize his overall opinions of the testing.
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