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1. Life Support[edit]

DM After some 60 feet, Williams arrives at a square depression with a maintenance hatch. He knocks out the wing nuts, and the panel falls down into a claustrophobic tangle of smaller pipes and fuseboxes, the maintenance access that runs above the control rooms. A blast of air almost sucks him down as the access passage pressurizes.

(The maintenance access directly below you is the bottom section of the purple-hashed area on the map, just to the left of the CO2 scrubber. This access area is sealed from, and above, the rest of the map. You are not sure yet where it connects.)

You hear the distant throbbing of the primary fusion core, and the chugging and sloshing of the various support units. And... muffled by the walls, the irregular snap of a UAC pistol firing.

Williams. Williams yells back to the rest of Bravo that we made it inside, and he wants them to jump down the hatch too. After everyone is lined up inside the maintenance passage, Williams jams his crowbar between the hatch's handle and the ceiling.

We made it inside Bravo. I think that if we stick together in groups we cannot become Zombies. I have no idea how it works, but teamwork should keep us out of the mess.

Here is my plan. If we peek through the vent to the top side of where we came down through the hatch, its the Air Control. How about everyone in Bravo guards that room, except for Flynn and I who will break our way into the Temperature and Humidity Control. From there, we can see what is going on with the oxygen system, maybe see where its being used by UAC soldiers, and we can also re-control it to fill up oxygen tanks, etc.

At this point, Williams takes his UAC pistol out of its holster, and fires a few shots into the safety glass between the maintenance shaft and the south glass. As the glass shatters into pieces, he turns around to the vent between the maintenance shaft and the Air Control, and after telling the other Bravo team members to stay back he fires a few shots at the bolts securing the vent to the wall. The vent bursts outward, flying into the Air Control room and bounces around a few times before landing haphazardly on the main reaction canister.

Bravo, we'll be back soon and we'll stay in contact. Good luck in the Air Control room, and keep it safe, until Flynn and I get back!

Then, gesturing to Flynn, Williams jumps across the broken safety glass to the closet door, which slides open within Williams' proximity, and Flynn and him start their way to the Temperature / Humidity Control room.

(Just some info now, will update tomorrow after SirSprinkles posts. The only other UN military presence in the outpost is the rest of your squad (which would be fireteam Alpha if they were on patrol) comprising of Lt Mahagaon, Cpl São Pedro, Pv Bloomfield, Pv Gombe and Pv Sosnovoborsk. The last you saw them, they were in the barracks in the habitat. The UAC staff themselves have a security team of twenty or so, some of who you know on first name basis, but generally the two groups never got on so well.)

Flynn. Following Williams towards the Temperature / Humidity Control room, Flynn walks slowly, gun at the ready, constantly looking around for zombies. "Be on guard, Williams. We don't know how many personnel have become zombies, and I don't want any of our comrades to join them." Flynn whispers, as his steps resound on the floor.

DM. As soon as the air control vent is blown, Monowi and Ordos move down to join Hallstat, while Williams and Flynn move to Temp/Hum.

"Warning, " Artemis calls over the PA. "Atmosphere breach in Life Support. Maintenance has been notified."

The two soldiers push open a mesh door into a lower level that runs around the inner and outer control room. This channel is criss-crossed with pipes and lined with lockers and shelves filled with spare parts and tools. The outer control floor is higher by 3 feet, and can be accessed by the surrounding floor-plate steps. Its main features are the pillars of the thermal exchange coils to the east and west, humming and dripping moisture into the grates.

Crack! Another pistol shot, from straight ahead. Flynn and Williams carefully ascend the steps and take cover by the east thermal exchange. Slumped at the base of the west exchange is a security guard, pistol in hand and pointed at his spreadeagled legs. His left leg is blood-soaked with bullet wounds; his right leg a mulch of fabric and meat. Click he tries to fire into his leg but the pistol is dry. His sweating face a picture of concentration as he reaches for a magazine from a pile at his side.

Williams. Seeing the distraught man, an urge to help him overcomes Williams. Trying to reach the magazine clip before the security guard, Williams jumps out from alongside the thermal exchange coil. Acrobatics 1d20 5+5 = 10 vs. Security Guard 1d20 6+1 = 7. SUCCESS.

Jumping on top of the magazine clip and rolling aside with it clutched in William's hands, I propose to the security guard to be reasonable.

We can help you, we have a stimpack for you! Lay your weapon down and I will inject you with my stimpack. Please, think before hurting yourself more. We will get you help, if you think before hurting yourself and help us know whats going on here. Do you know us? We are team Bravo, and we just got back from hunting eels to this mess. There are zombies everywhere! What is going on??

Williams throws the magazine clip to Flynn, gesturing furiously for him not to get too close to the guard. Athletics 1d0 18+4 = 22. SUCCESS. (no joke about these rolls)

DM. The security guard is a young black man who must be barely 20, wearing thick glasses. His name-tag reads "Boujdour". He lets the pistol go limp in his hand, then it clatters to the grate. He stares at his legs and starts shaking and laughing like it's the funniest thing he's seen. Williams uses the stimpack to seal the bleeding, but the right leg is gone.

"So I can't walk, see?" he manages between laughs. "I ain't gonna let it walk me around!"

Then Boujdour seems to be gripped by anger and grabs William's arm. "You lucky bastards! You gotta get the fuck outta here before it gets in you!"

Flynn's comm beeps. "Sarge, this is Monowi, we have contact with three UAC staff. They are not standing down." Over the comm, there's a strange growl. "Uh, sarge, I think their eyes are on fire."

"Don't hang around!" Boudjour shouts. "Get the hell of this rock!"

Flynn. "Williams, Monowi and the others have encountered something: three UAC that aren't responding. Monowi says their eyes are on fire. If there's nothing more we can do for Bouidour, we should see to our team. And I heard something over the comms; some sort of growling."

Williams. Williams pulls up the security guard onto his remaining leg.

You a'int dead yet, and there are zombies all over this mess. I'll walk with you back to the rest of Bravo. Flynn, why don't you see if there is any ammo that we can use here, from the pile I rolled on top of, and then rush back. This security guard does not need to die, and I'm sure he will still be useful.

With that Williams starts to head back to Bravo. On his way back, Williams asks the guard a few questions.

What is your name? When you said its going to get to us, what was it that was going to get to us?

When did this whole thing start, and where? Was there something that you saw or heard before it started?

After getting back to Bravo, Williams sets down the security guard near the blown vent, and looks around to see what the situation looks like.

Flynn. "OK, you get Bouidour back to Bravo, I'll see if there's anything useful left around here."

I'll make a Perception check to see if there's anything useful. 1d20 18 + 3 = 21 Roll

DM Boudjour moans as he his moved. He is only muttering now. "...came on the shuttle... took it to the lab... shouldn'ta opened it... could feel it like a wave... turned one by one..."

Williams is at the mesh door when he hears the shots. "Get over here!" Ordos shouts over the comm. He lets the security guard down at the vent. Peering into the Air Control, he sees Monowi and Hallstat in the control room, with Ordos on the platform outside the entrance. Hallstat is firing is shotgun into a body on the control room floor. Two UAC technicians are approaching Ordos from the west corridor. The nearest is brandishing a power drill. Their eyes are flickering red. Ordos is waving his shotgun at them: "Stand down, I mean it dude!"

Flynn can take any or all of:

  • UAC pistol
  • Two pistol clips
  • A print-out waiting on the printer in the temp/hum control room titled "Ardent Filter Assessment"
  • Hand plasma welder.

(Roll for initiative! I would like to try this combat one turn at a time so I can judge the pace for future combat, so don't get ahead of yourself, just give me your movement, action and attack roll. I will handle damage. Keep track of ammo, use an X for expended shots (e.g. O O O O O O X X for two shots expended from a shotgun). I will update the map each turn. The outer area around the control room is lower than the inner platform and filled with pipes and control boxes: it is difficult terrain).

Williams. Roll 1d20, 18 +3 = 21 Initiative.

Williams will run 30 feet and then fire his shotgun at the nearest zombie. Combat Shotgun, ball shot. Melee Weapon Attack: 12 (1d20) +5 to hit = 17, range 30/90., one creature (damage per distance).

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 X

DM Williams scrabbles over the piping and reaches the platform. Both he and Ordos fire into the advancing power-tool technician. His pale blue uniform is dashed with red splots of buckshot and he drops to the ground with an unearthly snarl. Hallstat and Monowi fire through the windows of the inner control room, shattered glass is flung outward and the shotgun blasts knocking the feat from under second technician.

(I assume that after Flynn takes what he needs from temp/hum, he is making his way through the vents) (I can't update the map right now. I will post again after SirSprinkles confirms what he's doing)

(Yeah, Flynn does that, heading back to assist when he has grabbed everything.)

DM [Technical note: One of my computers is away at repair, so the family is sharing my main computer (the one with all my Doom maps on), so I may be slower to respond for 1 week).]

Life Support

The UAC technicians lie still. The shots seem to have stirred the hornet's nest: growls and snarls echo from the access corridor to the west, and the entrance to Water Control to the east. Flynn arrives through the vent and joins the squad.

"Sarge", Monowi turns to him, "We should try and contact the lieutenant, or get up to Command, find out what's happening."

Hallstat is looking through the north window. "Yeah man, but someone's rolled a fork-lift into the exit corridor, we gotta move it." The exit corridor, only 4 feet wide, is indeed blocked by the big yellow butt of a cargo loader.

Williams. Williams steps away from the dead zombies, and speaks to team Bravo together.

I just want to give everyone the good news before the bad news sets into Bravo, guys. We found Boudjour at the Temperature and Humidity Control; the security guard there. Although he was trying to kill himself I managed to stop him, and he is just waiting back there by the CO2 scrubber. Just make sure he stays away from the weapons. Someone please go help him walk here so we can all great him, since his leg is missing now.

After Boudjour joins the rest of Bravo, and we gather together catching our breath and complimenting ourselves on having oxygen and knowing that people are still alive at the outpost, Williams talks to the whole group once again.

After losing his leg Boudjour, unfortunately, is not very communicative at the moment. However, he told me on our way back here that the virus came from something at the shuttle landing. Someone took it to the laboratory and after they opened it, maybe it was a medical device, everyone at the entire outpost could feel the shock-wave roll throughout the entire structure. Afterwards, people were turned to zombies one by one. So, I think that we should be safe for now since the shock-wave is over. Whatever the hell it actually was, is something we should figure out if we want to stop the virus. If we can find the source relic, I am under the impression this would be very valuable for us in case there are more of them or so that we know more about the virus origin.

Back to the current moment, Sarge, I am really worried about the growls and snarls that we are hearing. If we could get the forklift free we could block off either the East or West corridor. If Bravo guards us in case more zombies come onto us again, Flynn and I can try to hot-wire the forklift and use it to block off one of the corridors from this room. Then, Flynn and I can both try to go find the lieutenant, or get up to Command. We will also try to see if there is a easy way from there to the medical labs, and the virus relic there. In the meantime if we can start gathering some oxygen canisters we can get out of this mess, like Boudjour told me its so important to do.

Flynn, does this sound okay with you? Also, what did you find back at Termperature and Humidity Control, and did you find any ammunition that I can have there?

(DM just want to remind you that you can address Athena at any time)

While waiting for Bravo and Flynn to answer him, Williams transmits on his mic to Athena. “Athena, -crackle- where are the spare keys for the forklift -crackle- that is in Life Support right now?“

Flynn. "I found a pistol, two clips, a hand plasma welder and a print-out about something called an "argent filter". We should get rid of that forklift, then block off the East corridor. Then we find the lieutenant and try and get some answers."

DM. After helping Boudjour to the control room, Flynn and Williams head round to the fork lift (marked with a yellow @). The rest of the fireteam have no direct instructions, so from the control room, Hallstat covers west, Monowi covers east, and Ordos covers you through the north window.

Pipes in the north-west of the outer chamber are venting white plumes of water vapour (heavy obsucrement in that corner).

The forklift is jammed in the exit corridor with not an inch of clearance on either side. It is possible to climb into the cab from the rear. You can see that it is carrying a big cladded cylinder (possibly a boiler), blocking your view of the exit door. There's no-one in the cab, just a bloodied wrench, and the key is missing.

Athena responds to Williams: "Good morning private Williams. All keys for life support can be found in the key press in the manager's office. Would you like me to send a direct message to chief Matusive?"

"Contacts, three!" shouts Monowi. "Same this side!" calls Hallstat, "They don't look happy, man! Look out, security, they're armed!"

(Targets 2 and 5 are ex-security with pistols. The others are technicians with power tools.)

[Initiative: Flynn (22) [I rolled for you], Williams (21), other marines (13), former humans west (8), former humans east (8) ]

(Oops, forgot to say, the manager's office is the L-shaped room to the north-east, you get to it from water processing or the upper maintenance area.)

Flynn. "Clear out the east! I'll cover you!"

Flynn moves 30 feet directly towards Bouidour and fires at zombie 2 with his shotgun. 1d20 20 + 5 25 Roll

(After moving, how close does that make me to zombie 2?)

Williams. Williams moves 30 feet towards Bouidour and fires at zombie 5 with his shotgun. 1d20 6 + 5 = 11

DM' (Directly towards Boudjour would have you running into a window, so I'm having you go around the the sides. Let me know if you actually wanted to jump through the glass or something. Maybe I'm not describing the areas well enough?)

Flynn moves until the plume of water vapour no longer obscures his view, then fires at a range of 25 feet, blasting the security guard's head into a bloody concave mess. William view of the other guard is partially blocked, and the shot peppers the wall.

Hallstat pumps a round into technician 1, clipping the arm. Monowi fires at technician 4, scoring a gut wound but not dropping him.

Ordos moves to Boudjour, who is now writhing around, knocking clutter off a desk and moaning.

Technician 1 runs swervingly to intercept Flynn, stabbing at him with a power drill (9+4=13), easily dodged. Technician 3 isn't far behind.

Technicians 4 and security guard 5 stagger over the east piping and climb up onto the inner platform near the entrance to the control room; the guard fires his pistol at Williams on the way, but misses. "Zombie 6", a slender woman with cropped blond hair and thin glasses, you recognize as Sally Staithes, who worked in shipping admin. Now she burning red eyes and an arc welder, and scrabbles over the pipes towards Williams' section of the inner platform.

Williams. Frustrated, Williams takes another shot at Zombie shot 6. 1d20, 15 + 5 = 20. HIT 3d8, 2, 2, 3, + 3 = 10 for 10 points of damage. O O O O O X X X. Bonus action: Reload up to 4 pieces of ammunition. O O O O O O

Taking his time to aim his shotgun, Williams fires ballshots right into the zombies chest as its intestines and chunks of its flesh go flying through the cavity. As the zombie lurches backwards, and its intestines and pieces of its flesh hit the pepper-sprayed wall behind it, Williams loads a few more ball shot cartridges into his shotgun, clicking it back into firing position once its full of cartridges again.

DM (nothing from SirSprinkles so I'll have to use my best guess.)

  • Flynn fires the shotgun at point-blank range at technician 1, but he technician knocks the barrel to one side, and the shot bursts open a valve on a pipe (marked with a white star on the map). There is a hiss of escaping gas. Hallstat blasts him from the window and he unceremoniously drops.
  • Monowi aims her shotgun Sally Staithes (zombie 6), but the shell flares in the chamber. "Godammnit!", she ejects the smouldering plastic.
  • Ordos moves to the door (transparent plasteel) of the control room and slides it shut in the face of the approaching technician 4, and they both struggle with the handle. (Contest of Strength: Ordos 5 + 2 = 7; Technician 8 + 2 = 10) The technician gets the edge and the door grinds open.
  • Security guard 5 steps behind that technician, lifts his pistol, (Crit!) and shoots Ordos in the neck. The marine drops, gurgling blood.
  • Sally Staithes hops onto the platform, grinning and drooling, and swings the arc welder at Williams. The slice burns through the ballistic plate along his chest (9 fire damage; armor damaged -1 AC)
  • Boudjour's eyes burst into flame. He crawls to Hallstat, snarling, then grabs his legs in both arms.
  • Technician 3 runs up to Flynn, and leaps over the body of technician 1, swinging with a big wrench. Flynn ducks.

Williams. Williams yells "Sally Staithes you are a deformation on Saturn!", as he points his shotgun right at her neck. 1d20, 14 + 5 = 19. HIT 3d8, 3, 8, 1 +3 = 15 for 15 points of damage. O O O O O O O X. Bonus action: Stim pack 2d8, 7, 7, = 14 for 14 health points.

(You're within melee reach of Sally, so you have disadvantage, can you roll me another d20?) (Okay, I'm making the roll... 9 + 5 = 14)

Flynn. Taking aim at the nearest zombie, Flynn shoots with his shotgun. 18 + 5 = 23 Roll

(Same for you Flynn!)
(19 + 5 = 24 Roll)
(Thanks, I'll put a grid on next time :)


  • Flynn's shot punches open technician 3's abdomen, and he slumps down on top over the other zombie at Flynn's feet.
  • William's blast remove's most of Sally's neck, and she staggers around for a moment with her head hanging to one side, attached only by a sliver of muscle; then she falls over the edge of the platform onto the pipes.
  • Hallstat bashes Boudjour over the head with the butt of his gun, (Crit!), and the ex-human slumps to the ground.
  • Monowi turns and aims at the doorway, ready for the next poor bastard to poke his head through.
  • This happens to be technician 4 (5+4=9), but the shot misses, busting the wall control for the door lock. The zombie launches himself at her with his bare hands (14+4=18), scraching at her face (6 damage).
  • Security guard 5 steps into the control room, and fires his pistol at Hallstat (Crit! Third one this combat?!), the round severing his left ear (10 damage).

(Because you guys could have moved after dispatching the zombies next to you, you can move before starting your next turns.)

(I move to the edge of the corner so that I have cover, but can duck around to make an attack next turn.)
(Also note you can look or move through the side windows of the control room, they've been busted up in the firefight.)

Williams. Williams jumps through the window to try to get the technician to stop attacking Monowi. 1d20, 1 + 5 = 6. CRIT MISS. O O O O O O X X. Action: Help Monowi.

Flynn. After ducking around the corner, Flynn moves to grapple zombie 5, holding its attention so that it can't make use of its ranged weapon. 19 + 5 = 24 Roll


  • (Security guard grapple check, 15+2=17). Flynn steps through the door way and gets the security guard in an arm lock.
  • (Was that two actions GD, Attack and Help?) Williams kicks technician 4 in the leg, distracting him enough for Monowi to point the shotgun at his chest. (17+2=19; damage=14). BANG, he is slammed against the wall, sprayed red, and slumps down.
  • Between the four of you, you smash the security guard's skull in.

Hallstat turns round looking, hold a hand over his mashed ear. "We got 'em, man, they're all down!"

Monowi hurriedly drops down to where Ordos is lying. "He's bleeding out!"

(You get 200 XP each)

Williams. I rush over to Ordos and try to stabalize him. 1d20, 9 - 1 = 8. Can anyone help him, or does someone have a stimpack for him?

(Right, I said two actions- I was confused about our free actions- the battle is resolved now though)

(DM Ordos has now failed two out of three death saving throws. The other marines look around the control room and find the following: 8 loose shotgun shells, an ID card marked "Manager's Office / Restricted Reactor Access", and a coffee machine token.)

Flynn. I try to stabilise Ordos. 12 + 1 = 13, Roll for proficiency 17

DM. Hallstat begins ranting, "What the hell is wrong with these guys? Everyone's gone crazy! My goddamn ear, man!"
Monowi grabs him by the arm. "Cool it. Focus. Flynn, I think the best thing is to get to the manager's office. There should be the fork lift keys, and probably a first aid kit, right?"
Hallstat: "What if what happens to these guys happens to us! Let's just get to the shuttle! We can take the roof!"

(If you can calm Hallstat down, you can take a short rest here.)

Williams. I try to calm Hallstat down, but the narrative from Williams is also simply the hard truth.

Hallstat, we all want to get out of here. I agree that the shuttle seems great, but from what we just learned whatever it was that started this whole mess came from the shuttle. So, if we just take the autopilot back it will go right to another zombie nightmare. We need the relic, and we need the oxygen we have access to right now. I also don't think its a bad idea to do what command said, and look for some more survivors as Flynn and I get to the relic.

Flynn and I will get the forklift moved, look for survivors and find the relic, and then, Hallstat, lets get the hell out of here.

And, Hallstat, I would not worry about an infection since this whole thing started with a shock-wave. If one of us turns we are all lost.

Persuasion 1d20, 9 + 0 = 9. Looking at Hallstat, Williams urges Flynn to try to calm him down...

We also need to choose what we are going to do with Boudjour. I think he turned, and is not going to come back. However, if we want to see if he gets better we could try to lock him in the forklift after we move it. Does this seem like a crazy idea?

As soon as Flynn is ready Williams heads with him to the managers office. On our way there, I ask Flynn if he found anything that I could use in the temperature and humidity control room.

Flynn. Flynn tries to calm Hallsat. 13 + 0 = 13, Roll for proficiency 2

"I have to agree with Williams here Hallsat. We have to find survivors, but maybe we should keep a closer eye on them next time, all right?"

"We need to get rid of that forklift. We also need that oxygen. Let's go to the manager's office, Williams."

DM. In frustration, Hallstat punches out what's left of the glass in the nearest window but keeps quiet. Monowi uses a stray cable to tie the unconscious Boudjour to the desk.

You head through the east exit, crossing a bridge over a "moat" of water into the Water Control room. Slumped over the stairs leading up the control booth is a decapicated technician. The poor girl's head was rammed into a wall sconce. The floor is a mess of dried bloody footprints. There's a bad offal smell.

The manager's office is locked, but you open it with the ID you found. Inside, everything is smashed up good. Desks and shelves are upturned, the lights are out, computer equipment spill their electronic components. Clambering over the furniture, at the back of the "L" you see the manager's desk. You recognize the back of Bryan Matusive, facing away from you in his chair, wearing his blue baseball cap, arms hanging down still on either side. His computer terminal is on, bathing him in a pale light. The door to a storage closet on the left is ajar.

Flynn. Flynn moves into the office, trying to get a look into the storage closet, while also watching Bryan, just in case he turns into a zombie and attacks us.

Williams. Williams aims his shotgun at Bryan Matusive, taking a ready action, and gestures for Flynn to do the same. Using hand signals, Williams points to Bryan Matusive making a sweeping throat cutting gesture, and points to the storage closet and makes a key signal before making a customary gesture for Flynn to keep his eyes open and be ready while he gets the keys.

Quietly, Williams moves to the closet, opens it, and grabs the keys. With this, he will gesture to Flynn again to keep his weapon pointed at Bryan Matusive while they leave the manager's office walking backwards.

Stealth 1d20 10 + 3 = 13.

(Whenever I see you say you are looking at an area (in this case the closet), I will take that to mean an active Perception check, please can you both make one now.)

(15 + 3 = 18 Roll)

1d20, 14 + 1 = 15

DM Matusive remains motionless. As you close in, you see a hacksaw hanging from his limp right hand, caked in blood. There are thin sprays of blood across the desk and wall. The computer screen is open on a text file.

The storage door creaks open, and your helmet light sweeps the interior. The back wall has four shelves filled with box files and plastic containers. On the right is a steel key press, and hooks on which hang various ID cards and tools. Inset in the ceiling is a maintenance access panel. As Williams opens the key press to get the forklift keys, there is a muffled thudding-scrambling noise above you.

(Did the noise come from directly above us or somewhat above us?)
(Not directly above no, but something somewhere in the maintenance access corridor.)

Williams. Williams snatches the forklift keys from the key press. Ever so quietly, he whispers to Flynn.

I don't think Zombies can run. This is getting stranger by the second. I have the forklift keys, but let me just see if I can find out who or what is running around in the service ceiling.

Williams taps the ceiling slowly, with a loud thump, scratches it with the tip of his shotgun, and tries to get a reaction out of whatever is running around above Flynn and Williams. Intimidate 1d20, 17 + 2 = 19.

I'll also make a Perception check at some point to see if there's anything useful (like that first aid kit that was mentioned). 1d20, 9 + 1 = 10.

DM The barrel makes a metallic tang as it taps the thick access panel: no response. On the shelf you see a pistol magazine, a half-empty box of shotgun shells (4 rounds), and a video camera. The first aid box is empty except for a few bandages, looks like someone needed it before you did.

Williams. I take the items here, and leave the manager's office. Flynn and Williams go back to the air control room.

Williams lets everyone know that we have the keys, and lets them know that I will move the forklift into the West hallway. The East hallway is empty, and it looks like Matusive is dead, and not dangerous. Williams also takes the extra shotgun shells laying around the air control room.

Williams opens the forklifts cab with the keys, and steps inside the cab. I adjust myself on the seat, insert the keys into the ignition, and start the forklift. I try to drive the forklift backwands in the same manner it was jammed into the doorway. After getting the forklift back into the room, I park it so that it blocks the West corridor, take the keys out, and lock the cab behind me. Going back to team Bravo, Williams then inquires if we want to lock Boudjour into the forklift's cab, or what should be done with him. Finally, I ask Flynn if he is ready to leave, and I ask team Bravo if they have any other plans than staying put and keeping themselves alive.

(Just waiting to make sure Flynn has finished in the manager's office too.)

(Yes, I'm ready to leave)
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