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Weapon Tosser[edit]

Currently going through a major revamp, headed by DewOnTheGrass and the Gnomenclature. The goal of the Weapon Tosser is to make the throwing of weapons a respected trait among adventurers. As such, the class includes three Tosser's Choices, advancement paths that currently serve to specialize the Tosser as an alchemist, a brute, or an entertainer. More work is needed to bring this class from a purely combat-oriented slapdash homebrew into the realm of utility and RP potential required for a viable 5e player class.

Creating a Weapon Tosser[edit]

A Weapon Tosser should primarily focus on either strength or dexterity, and then constitution. You want to keep your character moving early on. Avoid close-range combat, as a Tosser excels from a distance.

Class Features

As a Weapon Tosser you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Weapon Tosser level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Weapon Tosser level after 1st


Armor: Light and Shields
Weapons: All simple and All martial weapons
Tools: None
Saving Throws: Strength and Dexterity
Skills: Choose two: Athletics, Acrobatics, Survival, or Sleight of Hand


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) Martial Weapon or (b) Simple Weapons and a shield
  • (a) 3 Javelins or (b) 10 Darts
  • Leather Armor
  • Any pack
  • A small, embossed bronze disk: the Crest of the Tosser

Table: The Weapon Tosser

Level Proficiency
Tosser Points Features
1st +2 5 Advanced Toss 1, Power Toss
2nd +2 6 Bound Weapon 1, Throwing Step
3rd +2 7 Tosser`s Choice, Throw de grâce
4th +2 7 Ability Score Improvement, Power Toss 2
5th +3 8 Advanced Toss 2, Unconventional Toss, Extra Attack
6th +3 9 Bound Weapon 2, Great Throw
7th +3 11 Tosser`s Choice, Cunning Action, Power Toss 3, Throw de Grâce 2
8th +3 12 Ability Score Improvement, or Barrage of Knives
9th +4 13 Tosser`s Choice
10th +4 14 Bound Weapon 3, Throwing Dash, Power Toss 4
11th +4 15 Tosser`s Choice
12th +4 15 Ability Score Improvement, or Bounded Pain, Extra Attack
13th +5 17 Master Toss, Power Toss 5
14th +5 18 Bound Weapon 4, Disarming Throw
15th +5 19 Tosser`s Choice
16th +5 20 Ability Score Improvement, Power Toss 6
17th +6 21 Master Toss 2
18th +6 25 Tosser`s Choice, Throwing Time
19th +6 27 Ability Score Improvement, Power Toss 7
20th +6 30 Epic Toss


Tosser Points[edit]

As a practised weapon thrower, have learned to learn to perform powerful throwing abilities by exerting yourself. Your ability to perform these actions is represented by Tossing Points. Your Weapon Tosser level determines how many points you have, as shown in the Tosser Points column of the Weapon Tosser table. These points can be spend to perform various class features as detailed below, after which the Tosser Point(s) are lost. You regain all expended points after a long rest.

Advanced Toss[edit]

Practice with throwing weapons and other objects has led to you being able to throw things much further than usual. Starting at level 1, you may throw any weapon with the "thrown" property 10ft farther and nearer (for example, the range of a thrown dagger is now 30/70 ft). This improvement increases to 20ft at 5th level.

Power Toss[edit]

As an initiate of the esteemed Weapon Tossers, you learned long ago to throw weapons with great power when you concentrate. You may use a Tossing Point to focus on an attack that you are about to make. You may only use this ability once per turn, and may only apply it to a ranged throwing attack. You cannot use this ability for bows, slings, or any other ammunition-dependent ranged attacks. A power toss grants your throw +2 to damage with -1 to attack rolls at first level. These modifiers increase by +1 at 4th level, and every three levels after that, to a maximum of +5 to attack rolls and +8 to damage rolls at level 19.

Bound Weapon[edit]

From 2nd level, you gain the ability to bind a weapon to you. To do this, you must perform a ritual that takes 1 hour and costs 10gp. You may only bind with a weapon you can throw. When attacking with a thrown weapon you've bound to you, as a bonus action you may call the weapon back to you. At 6th, 10th , and 14th level you gain additional weapon slots that you can bind with. You may only call back one weapon to you on a bonus action, regardless of how many weapons you're bound to. The weapon unbinds with you if it breaks, someone else binds to it, or you do a ritual which also takes an hour and 20 gp to unbind with it.

Throwing Step[edit]

At 2nd level, you learn to distance yourself from (and react to) close range attackers. When someone attacks you with a melee attack, you may, as an immediate action, spend a Tosser Point to take your proficiency modifier and add it to your AC for the duration of that attack. If the attack misses and you have a weapon in your hand that you have the ability to throw, you can take a 5ft back step (provoking no attacks of opportunity), and make a throw against your attacker, unmodified by Tosser points. You may only use this ability while wearing light or no armor, and only once per turn.

Tosser`s Choice[edit]

At 3rd level you make a Tosser's Choice, as outlined below. Your choice grants you additional feats at 3rd level, and again at 7th, 11th, 15th and 18th levels.

Uncanny Aim[edit]

Starting at 3rd level, your familiarity with weapon behaviors gives you a talent for well placed shots against inanimate targets. When making an athletics check to make a non-attack weapon throw, you may double your proficiency modifier for the roll when using weapons you are proficient with, or tools meant to be thrown. This is for actions such as breaking a lock with a thrown hammer, creating hand holds with arrows to climb up a wall, cutting a tense rope, or throwing a grappling hook. At 6th level, you gain advantage on these rolls. If the action would cause you to roll at disadvantage, you instead roll normally, without disadvantage or advantage.

Additionally, at 3rd level, and every two levels after, select a damage type. Thrown weapons with that damage type gain out-of-combat benefits, listed below.

Throw de grâce[edit]

At level 3, you may forgo your move action to enhance an attack. You may do this once against each targeted enemy per combat. If the target is killed or knocked unconscious by the attack, you regain a number of Tosser points equal to your Dex modifier. Starting at 7th level, if at least one Tosser Point was spent in the attack, you may call the thrown weapon back to you as a bonus action. If the weapon is already bound to you, you may choose instead to use this bonus action to redirect the weapon to strike another enemy whose distance from the target is up to half of the distance thrown (minimum 10 feet). This redirected strike is a separate attack roll, but may be modified with a number of Tosser points up to the amount regained by the throw de grâce.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of you choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Unconventional Toss[edit]

By the time you reach 5th level, you have gained a better understanding of how to properly throw anything light enough to reasonably be thrown with ease, including weapons and objects that aren't specifically intended for throwing. You may now throw light weapons without the "thrown" property. These weapons should be considered to have a 20/60 ft throw range. Additionally, light weapons already possessing the "thrown" property can be thrown with the "Finesse" property.

Extra Attack[edit]

Beginning at 5th level,you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn. The number of attacks increases to three when you reach 12th level.

Great Throw[edit]

At 6th level, you learn how to greatly increase your throwing range by exerting yourself. When you perform an attack, you may spend 1 Tosser Point to double the range of your throw. You may only use this once per turn.

Cunning Action[edit]

Starting at 7th level, your quick thinking and agility allow you to move and act quickly. You can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

Feat Option: Barrage of Knives[edit]

Prerequisite: Weapon Tosser 8 Starting at level 8th you are able to throw a large amount of weapons in an incredibly short amount of time. As a full-round action, you can make a weapon attack against every creature of your choice within a 30-foot cone. You must have enough weapons for each attack. You can use this feat twice per long rest. At 17th level, you improve your ability with the Fan of Knives feature. The area of effect for Fan of Knives instead becomes a 40-foot radius sphere centered on you.

Throwing Dash[edit]

At 10th level you have learned how to think quick on your feet and take advantage of momentum when making your throws. When you take the Dash action, you can spend 2 Tosser Points to perform an attack by throwing a weapon in the same action. If the weapon hits, it does max damage. You may only use this once per turn, and only if you are wearing light armor.

Feat Option: Bounded Pain[edit]

Prerequisite: Weapon Tosser 12 If you hit a target with your bound weapon you can expend one Tosser Point in order to call it back to you, inflicting a second damage roll. The target also gains the bleeding condition.

Master Toss[edit]

Your experience with throwing things has paid off, allowing you to throw things slightly harder and more accurately all the time. At 13th level, you gain a bonus of +2 to both attack and damage rolls for all throws. This bonus increases to +3 at 17th level.

Disarming Throw[edit]

At 14th level, your expertise in throwing has granted you a superior understanding of the vulnerabilities associated with holding a weapon. Once per turn, as part of an attack, you may spend a Tosser Point to enhance your throwing technique for that attack. On a successful hit, the throw deals minimum damage, but forces the target to make a Dexterity saving throw. If failed, the target drops all held weapons to the ground.

Throwing Time[edit]

At 18th level, you may spend 2 Tosser Points to throw all of your bound weapons at 4 or fewer targets. You roll normal hit for all of them. Before rolling your attacks, you may take a bonus action to spend two additional Tosser Points, carefully instructing each weapon. Doing so returns all thrown bound weapons to your possession after attacking, and ends your turn.

Epic Toss[edit]

At 20th level, you can spend 3 Tosser Points per attack that turn to hit no matter what, doubling rolled damage. You will roll a d20 for each attack. If you get a 15 or over you will do max damage. If you get a 20, you will be able to call that weapon back to you without a bonus action use. You may only do this twice a day and it recharges after a long rest.

Tosser`s Choice[edit]


This choice is geared towards throwing things and running away instead of standing your ground. You also would most likely want to use slashing or piercing weapons like hand axes or throwing knives. The reason behind this would be you need light weight weapons so you can carry a lot of them.

Level 3 as a Juggler, you've studied how to make a weapon bounce and roll just right. When you make a throwing attack with a weapon enhanced by Tosser Points, you may spend one additional Point to apply a -1 modifier to the attack roll in question. If the attack lands after doing so, make a Dexterity saving throw to cleanly catch the weapon on rebound. The weapon retains all Tosser Point enhancements until either: -a turn passes without the weapon landing a successful hit, or -you fail a clean catch save.

Level 7 as a Juggler you can juggle 3 weapons in the middle of battle. It takes a bonus action to do this and 3 weapons that you can throw. Once you start you will not stop until you use a bonus action again to stop it. When you are juggling and you attack you throw one of the three weapons. If you hit the weapon comes back to you without using a bonus action to call it back to you. If you miss you will either have to add another weapon to your juggle or have a bonus action to call it back. If you have less than 3 weapons juggling at once it stops and you have to use a bonus action to start again. You can do this as half your Weapon Tosser level. You regain all of the uses after a long rest or 1 every short rest.

Level 11 as a Juggler if you are juggling the same type of weapon (axe, sword, dagger, etc...) You may throw 2 of them at one attack without using a Tosser Point. You will not use any points for this as long as you are juggling.

Level 15 as a Juggler you can throw 3 weapons with 1 attack this will take 2 Tosser Points. If you choose to do this you must make an attack roll for both of the weapons being thrown.

Level 18 as a Juggler you now can juggle 5 weapons. While Juggling five of the same weapons the juggler can still throw 2 weapons on an attack without pay a point, but also can pay 1 point and throw three. Now if you crit with 1 of your weapons on the same round you missed with a weapon you may call that weapon you missed back with a free action.

Heavy Thrower[edit]

This choice is for strong headed and strong bodied individuals. You will be throwing things that people never thought could be thrown before with great distance, accuracy, and destructive power. You will be a close ranged fighter that throws weapons when you see an opening. This is also a more bull fighter type; you'll be running in throwing a weapon at someone that will hit them and then slamming into them to get it back.

Level 3 As a Heavy Thrower, you become proficient in medium armor and anything that says you need to be wearing light armor to do in this class you can also do with medium armor. You also gain the ability to throw weapons with out the light or heavy feature. (20/60ft) You will do damage based on their one handed ability. The hit and damage will go off of your strength modifier instead of your dexterity.

Level 7 Experience with your unusual selection of throwing objects has given you a better understanding of how to throw weapons based on their weight. If you use 1 Tosser Point you may add one damage die to your damage roll for an attack based on the weapon that is being thrown. The weapon can not have the light feature on it to do this. (For example, a Longsword will do)The hit and damage will go off of your strength modifier instead of your dexterity.

Level 11 as a Heavy Thrower you are now able to throw weapons that even most people have trouble just holding. You can now throw weapons with the "heavy" property. (20/60ft) Weapons that are not heavy also get the ability to be thrown farther by 10ft. (ex: longsword 20/60ft --> 30/70ft) You can also now use your reaction to call back a bound weapon that you have thrown.

Level 15 as a Heavy Thrower you may use 1 Tosser Point to throw a weapon with great force at someone. If you hit the target that target must make a save of 10 + strength modifier + proficiency bonus. If the person fails the save they will fall prone and you will gain 10ft extra movement that turn to run to your weapon. If you decide to run over to your weapon you can pick up the weapon with a free action and hit the prone target with advantage. If they make the save they will be pushed back 10ft instead. This can only be done with weapons without the light feature, and weapons without heavy can only knock prone medium and smaller, while heavy can knock prone larger and smaller targets.

Level 18 as a Heavy Thrower when ever you throw a weapon without the light feature you will do an extra dice of damage based on the weapon. If you spend 1 Tosser Point you can add another extra dice of damage based on the weapon. Also if you get a critical you will do max damage on 2 of the damage dice.

Poisonous Thrower[edit]

This choice is geared towards a thrower that uses his alchemist's abilities to enhance its weapons. You gain proficiency with alchemist's tools.

Level 3 Your study of various toxins during your life has vastly improved your alchemical knowledge and skill. You may craft any contact/injury poison listed in the player's handbook. Crafting a poison takes 10 minutes, a set of alchemical tools, and one tenth of the poison's market cost in raw materials. At the end of the crafting time, make a DC 12 Dexterity ST to avoid poisoning yourself in the process. The time required to craft these poisons decreases by 3 minutes with each future Tosser's choice, culminating in a full-round action at Level 18.

Level 7 You may use a move action during your turn in combat to expend 1 Tosser Point, infusing a weapon with a dose of any contact/injury poison in your possession, dissipating after 3 rounds, or one attack with that weapon. Additionally, after making a ranged attack with a bound infused weapon, you may expend 2 more Tosser Points to force any number of targets within 10 ft of the weapon to save against the infused poison.

Level 11 You have alchemically altered your weapons slightly, infusing them with an innate poisonous strength. All your weapons deal +1d4 poison damage and poison the target until the target succeeds a Con save (DC 12+proficiency mod). This poison damage increases to 2d4 at level 7 and 2d6 at level 13. Increase the poison DC of bound weapons by +2.

Level 15 Your alchemical enhancements have ascended beyond the physical plane. You may spend 1 Tosser Point to make an attack against any in-range enemy whom you have seen during combat. This attack ignores obstacles and cover. Additionally, when you see an enemy casting an spell, you may use your reaction to throw a projectile to force a concentration check (DC 10+1/2 of tosser level). If the projectile hits, deal no damage, but increase the DC by 2.

Level 18 You now throw all weapons with advantage and you can add your proficiency modifier twice to damage rolls.

Bottom text[edit]


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Weapon Tosser class, you must meet these prerequisites: 15 Strength or 15 Dexterity

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Weapon Tosser class, you gain the following proficiencies: Sleight of hand

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