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April Fools!
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The Way of the SuperHot is less a monastic tradition and more a strange phenomenon where the use of ki has caused a monk to become shifted in time.

Time. Only. Moves. When. You. Move.

Starting at 3rd level when you choose this tradition, you gain the ability to accelerate your perception and thought speed to ridiculous extremes, allowing you to track enemies near-perfectly. When a hostile creature moves into or out of your reach, you can spend 1 ki point to make one melee attack against that creature. This attack does not use your reaction, and can be made even if that creature used the Disengage action before moving.

Watch. Your. Back.

By level 6 your enhanced reaction time allows you to dodge attacks you really shouldn't be able to. As long as you're not incapacitated, attack rolls made against you can't have advantage. In addition, you have advantage to initiative checks.


At 11th level you start performing superhuman feats of coordination regularly, seemingly doing many things at once. At the start of your turn you may spend 3 ki to perform Patient Defense or Flurry of Blows without using your bonus action. This can stack with you using these abilities regularly.


At 17th level you begin to shift in and out of time in bizarre ways. While it is not your turn, you may spend 5 ki to immediately take the Dodge or Dash action without using your action. This can interrupt enemy turns and even enemy effects. In addition to this you may make up to 2 Reactions per round.

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