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Way of the Spirit Fighter[edit]

At the third level, a monk gains the ability to create spirits to help them in battle.

Summon Spirit

At level 3, you learn how to summon spirits of yourself to aid you. You can spend 1 Ki point, as a bonus action, to summon a light blue spirit, the spirit lasts for 1 hour. You can summon up to 3 spirits. The spirits do not carry your weapon.

The spirit isn't accompanied by sound, smell, or other sensory effects. The spirit has health equal to 8 + your con modifier + your proficiency. The spirit also has a AC of 8 + your proficiency. The spirits walking speed doesn't halve when passing through difficult terrain.

Once on each of your turns as a bonus action, you can mentally command a spirit to move up to 15 feet and, as an action, make a spirit attack a target. You can spend 2 Ki points to make the attack on a bonus action. You can only do this when you have sight of the spirit and target.

Spirit Technics

At level 6, you learned new technics helping you in battle.

Spirit fist: You can spend 1 Ki point to deal double damage with an unarmed strike.

Energy Pulse: You can spend 1 Ki point to send out an Energy Pulse to a target dealing 1d8 force damage.

Elemental Spirits

At level 11, you learned how to create elemental spirits instead of energy spirits.

Fire Spirit: Your spirit becomes red and the spirit can take the furry of blows action without spending a Ki point.

Storm Spirit: Your spirit becomes blue and instead of having 15 feet of movement speed, it has 30 feet. Your spirit can also cast

Earth Spirit: Your spirit becomes green and gains the same AC as you. I can also force the target he attacks to make a dex saving throw against your Ki save DC, if the target fails it is knocked prone. (You can only force a target to make a dex save once a turn.)

At 11th level,

At 17th level,

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