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Way of Miko[edit]

Monk Subclass

Miko are also called Shrine Maidens, and often develop into priestesses of the Shinto religion. They are always female, though male priests exist as well. Miko take vows of purity and chastity for their time of service; priests and priestesses have been known to marry. Miko and the priests are responsible for Shinto shrines and running/assisting worship and rites. In Wuxia, they also fight and banish unearthly entities like ghosts and other undead, spirits, true fey, demons, devils, and other outsiders. They seemed to be a natural for a Monk Tradition with a divine theme.

Initiate of the Kami

Upon entering service to a Shrine at 3rd level, the monk is initiated into Shinto. You gain proficiency in Religion, and learn the thaumaturgy cantrip, Wisdom being your casting modifier for this spell, as with other spells gained via this subclass.

Additionally, you become proficient in the use of Ofuda, a piece of paper with mystical writings. You treat them as a simple ranged weapon, which has the the light, thrown(20/80), and finesse properties. They deal 1 bludgeoning damage on a hit, and whenever you would make an unarmed strike, you may replace any number of these attacks with an ofuda attack, and if you spent at least 1 ki point this turn they instead deal radiant damage. They cost 6 cp, and their weight is negligible.

Novice of the Kami

At 6th level, the Miko begins to learn to use her Ki to connect to the spirit realm, and form spells. You can cast protection from evil and good, branding smite, and remove curse spells for 2, 3 and 4 ki points respectively. When casting it in this way, branding smite can be used with ofuda.

Additionally, when you cast a spell gained via this class, you can spend an extra 2 ki points, to cast it as if it were cast at a higher level. You can do this multiple times per casting.

Adept of the Kami

At 11th level, the Miko gains spells to truly act in her role against spirits and other outsiders. You can now also cast dispel magic and magic circle for 4 ki points, and banishment for 5.

Spirit Mistress

At 17th level, a Miko has reached the pinnacle of her power. Not quite a priestess, but quite capable of defending herself, others, and her shrine against evil forces. You can now, again, also cast spirit guardians for 4 ki points, and dispel evil and good, greater restoration, and hallow for 6 ki points.

Finally, any spell casted through this subclass has it’s cost reduced by 1 ki point, and upcasting as per Novice of the Kami now costs 1 ki point per level upcast.

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