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This is an Subclass for the Monk class, the Way of Spirits

Miko are also called Shrine Maidens, and often develop into priestesses of the Shinto religion. They are always female, though male priests exist as well. Miko take vows of purity and chastity for their time of service; priests and priestesses have been known to marry. Miko and the priests are responsible for Shinto shrines and running/assisting worship and rites. In Wuxia, they also fight and banish unearthly entities like ghosts and other undead, spirits, true fey, demons, devils, and other outsiders. They seemed to be a natural for a Monk Tradition with a divine theme.

Initiate of the Kami

Upon entering service to a Shrine at level 3, the monk is initiated into Shinto, gaining the Religion skill, the Thaumaturgy cantrip, the Divine Sense feature as the Paladin class, and proficiency with ofuda, a new ranged weapon specific to this class. (See below)

Novice of the Kami

At level 6, the Miko begins to learn to use her Ki to connect to the spirit realm, and form spells.

Cost Spell Notes
2 Protection from Good and Evil as spell
3 Branding Smite Ofuda can be used as well due to their blessed nature.
4 Remove Curse Miko cast this spell as a ritual with a 10 minute cast time.

Adept of the Kami

At 11th level, the Miko gains spells to truly act in her role against spirits and other outsiders. In addition, she also gains the ability to spend additional Ki to enhance her spells; see the table in PHB pg 80 (Spells and Ki Points) for limits on Ki expenditure.

Cost Spell Notes
4 Dispel Magic
4 Magic Circle
5 Banishment

Spirit Mistress

At 17th level, a Miko has reached the pinnacle of her power. Not quite a priestess, but quite capable of defending herself, others, and her shrine against evil forces. She gains the following additional spells:

Cost Spell Notes
4 Spirit Guardians
6 Dispel Evil and Good
6 Greater Restoration Cast as 10 minute ritual. Material component is expensive, consisting of ofud with expensive inks and a encircling rope of rice straw called a shimenawa.
6 Hallow This spell also requires multiple large shimenawa, as well as expensive inks for ofuda and folded paper shide. Most shrines have this effect covering their location.

ofuda / charm
Cost 4cp
1 bludgeoning damage, 1/600 lbs, Finesse, Light, Thrown(20/60)

Ofuda are not normally very damaging, being pieces of paper; but in the hands of the miko they count as a monk weapon. If used as part of an attack that cost Ki (ex. Flurry of Blows), the damage becomes force/radiant, including all attacks after gaining Ki-Empowered Strike at level 6. Ofuda can be used in place of the unarmed attacks in Flurry of Blows bonus action. They are also used as the common material components/holy symbol for Miko spells.

Ofuda are mere pieces of paper; any Ki-Empowered use or use as spell components will destroy them when the spell/effect completes; most will not survive combat situations even if not the focus of spiritual energies. The cost of ofuda is based on the cost of paper and an ink bottle, where you can make 6 ofuda per page, and an ink bottle lasts about 300 pages.

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