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Artificer Subclass

When daemonology and machinery combine into a wicked source of study, people who commit to it tend to gain a new outlook on life and that they can now bind magics and daemons into the husks of machinery or objects to give them a haunting will to obey you. to control daemons you must be strong enough to fight demons, you gain proficiency in Heavy Armor and Martial weapons

Intellectual Influence

At 3rd level your mind has truly become your weapon not your strength or speed can match the power of your mind, you can add your int mod to your attack and damage rolls for weapons

Infernal Infusions

At 3rd level you can You gain access to a new list of infusions you can choose from on top of your existing list, see bottom of page for list.

Demon Summoning

At 3rd level instead of gaining more spells you gain the ability to summon fiends, devils, and demons as a 1-minute ritual or as an action at the cost of a spell slot. The creature's cr is equal to your int mod times your highest spell slot if done as a ritual or your int mod x the spell slot level spent to summon as an action. Demons summoned by you obey you whole heartedly, you can only have up to your prof bonus + int mod of demons summoned at a time.

Summoned demons cannot act in combat, but they can affect the material world acting more like servants from the noble background, you can only have one type of demon at a time (ex, you can 1 summoned imp but not two summoned imps unless you have the imp infusion, but you can have a bone devil and an imp summoned), demons used in crafting items no longer counts towards your summoned demon limit.

Daemon Binding

At 5th level you can now force your legion of demons to power machines or infuse themselves into items to give them a boost to efficacy, as an action you can let one of your demons transfer themselves into any mechanism making it a daemon item, this item will work at 110% capacity (ex. weapons and armor will gain a +1 bonus or a torch will burn brighter, or a cart will move faster, ranged weapons will never need ammunition) this item will disintegrate after a few hours equal to the daemons cr and the demon will leave your service, if you remove the demon before the times up the item is not destroyed and the demon still remains in service.

Extra Attack

At 5th level you can make a second attack as part of an attack action

Infernal Items

At 9th level you can make powerful hellish items see bottom of page for list

Daemon Engines

At 15th level you can gain access to powerful engines of war which combine demon and machine together into a contraption of chaos, Choose between A Terroriser, A Obliterator, or A Helldrake (Reskin adult red dragon), It will take a week's time and 100,000 gp to create a shell and summon the energy to form such engines but it will be all the worth it. once done the creature will be bound unto your will and you can telepathically give it commands.

Infernal Infusions[edit]

You can replace infusions in your list with infusions from this list

Necrotic Weapon

Item: A daemon weapon

This magic weapon grants an additional 1d6 necrotic damage and +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.

The bonus increases to 2d6 and +2 when you reach 10th level in this class.

Leachers Kiss

Item: A simple or martial weapon

This magic weapon grants half damage dealt by the weapon as temporary hitpoints.

The bonus increases to full when you reach 10th level in this class.

Hellion Drip

Item: any set of armor or clothing

This armor or clothing can be shaped to look like any piece of clothing or armor as a free action.

At 10th level you gain +3 to charisma checks while wearing this apparel

Impish Servant

You gain an imp familiar see find familiar or Imp variant familiar for more details

Fiery Rebuke

Item: any set of armor or clothing

When attacked by an enemy while wearing this apparel, the attacker takes 1d4 fire damage.

At 10th level this damage increases to 1d8.

Artificers Tendrils

Requires lvl 6 artificer

Item heavy armor

Multiple mechanical tendrils armed with claws and pincers, hang around and slink out of your armor, you can cast spells whilst having your hands full and you count as always having one hand free when it comes to holding items, you can make object interactions as a free action

Possessed Vigor

Requires lvl 12 artificer

This item is a special mark that can be placed on a creature

Once a creature with this mark falls to zero hitpoints they can spend hit die to heal back up to consciousness

Hellish Items[edit]

Unlike the infusions the subclass provides this list provides permanent items and upgrades that come at terrible or minor costs depending on moral spectrum, Costs and creation time are listed under the item

Demonic Armor

100 gp, a set of armor and 5 hours work, Fiend of cr 3 or higher

You bind a set of armor with the soul of a demon, this causes the armor to twist and morph to fit the fiend's preferences.

The armor gains a +1 bonus to AC while being worn and as a bonus action you can sacrifice a hit die to the demon bound in the armor and gain your hit die + con mod + the bound demon's cr rating in temp hp, when someone reaches zero hitpoints and uses up all their hitdie while wearing this armor, the armor fuses to the wearers body and automatically stabilizes it, it cannot be removed unless with a remove curse spell.

Daemon Weapon

250 gp, a weapon of any kind, 6 hours of work, Fiend of cr 3 or higher

You bind a weapon with the soul of a demon, this causes the weapon to twist and morph to fit the fiend's preferences

The weapon gains a +1 to hit and damage, you can as a free action spend hit die to increase the bonus to equal the bound daemons cr rating for one round, if you reach zero hit die using this ability the weapon fuses to the hand wielding it, becoming a one handed weapon if it required two hands to wield and replaces your arm, while the bonus now becomes permanent, it cannot be removed unless with a remove curse spell.

DJinn Bottle

300 gp, a bottle, 1 hour of work

you create a device to house your friendly fiends so them walking around won't trigger a panic attack in the nearest town and local church

each bottle can hold only one fiend, bottled fiends don't count towards your summon limit until they're uncorked and the fiend comes out

Elemental Enchantment

250 gp, a melee weapon, 1 hour of work

you give a melee weapon the ability to deal 1d6 of any one damage type you choose

Elemental Ammunition

350 gp, a ranged weapon, 1 hour of work

you give a ranged weapon the ability to deal 1d6 of any one damage type you choose

Eternal Ammunition

450 gp, a ranged weapon, 6 hours of work

The ranged weapon now magically creates it's own ammo

Permanent Infusion

2550 gp, an infused item, Fiend of CR 12 or higher, lvl 15

you give make an infusion on an item permanent which removes it from your used cap

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