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Vore [General][edit]

You can consume other creatures whole.
Prerequisite: Cast-Iron Stomach
Benefit: You can make a grapple check to try and swallow another creature whole. If successful, you will begin swallowing your target.

It takes three rounds to swallow a normal target which means you must make additional grapple checks every turn, though your target will take an additional -2 per check each time after and your own check will be reduced or raised by your targets size, dropping by each level larger they are than you and vise versa. After successfully swallowing a creature, your speed will be reduced by 3/4 (in addition to encumbrance from the weight of the creature) until they are digested. Creatures take d4 turns to determine how long digestion will take, adding +1 to the roll depending on their size. (ex: Diminutive= 2 d4. Large =6 d4)However, creatures 2 sizes or larger than your character cannot be eaten. Once digested, you regain hit points based on their size of 1 d8 per size level.

Eaten creatures can attempt to make their escape by making their predator vomit them out or cutting them open, however the predator makes a fortitude save with a DC equal to 10 plus the number of turns left until the victim is digested plus one-fifth the victim's remaining health to see if they can contain their prey. They take 1d6 damage each turn they remain inside. If their hit points reach zero or their rolled time limit is up, they die. They can not be healed while inside of the predator. Digested creatures can only be revived by use of high level recovery spells like Wish or Resurrection, Ultimate.

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