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Greater; 7th; Other

Author: the bluez

You call the substance of the Deep Void to your current plane. This invocation imitates the feeling of dread of an infinite fall.

You replicate the spell illusory pit[1].

You create the illusion of a dark horizontal hole, large 10 feet (3 meters) per level within 100 feet + 10 ft. per level (30 meters + 3 m per level).

Anyone caught in it must make a Will save to negate the effect. Even flying creatures that fly above the pit, and see it, must make the save or stop flying, falling in the hole (and they may suffer fall damage).

If the target fails the save it falls prone and is unable to do anything other than scream, thinking it's falling in an infinite well.

The target appears to fall to anyone watching, except you, but it may suffer effects that happen in the area, as it is not really gone.

If anyone approaches the pit and is adjacent to it (such as to look for those who fell) it must make a Will save, with the same DC, to resist the desire to throw itself into the bottomless hole. If it fails it enters the area and suffers its effect.

You may create the effect on any terrain and even on water or in the air, such as adjacent a cliff. The effect cease to affect those who fall under the area (as it is just a thin layer) and they are dazed, as stated below, and then may resume flying, if they can.

If the effect ends, or the target is attacked successfully, it is freed from the effect but still stunned for 1 round. Fall damage caused by falling in the pit (as when a flying creature falls into it after failing its save) doesn't interrupt the effect.

A target that passes any of these saves, it's dazed for one round, but it may then ignore the effect of the invocation (so that it may exit or step away from it without any penalties, even though it seems to it that those who failed the save fell down). If it go near the pit again it must make a Will save again or be affected by it.

This invocation is an illusion(figment) effect and it lasts until you concentrate on it and 1 round per level after you interrupt concentration.

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