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Prerequisites: Charisma 13 or higher
* Dual Identities: You gain a second identity. Your new identity is as much a state of mind as a disguise, and may have a different alignment, gender, race, background, personality, and backstory from your original identity, though you cannot change size categories and you do not gain or lose any proficiencies when changing identities. Your equipment may take on new shapes or styles when you change identities but do not change statistics; alternatively you may use different equipment for your different identities. You must designate one of your identities as your Social Identity and the other as your Vigilante Identity; your Social Identity is used for mingling with polite society, while your Vigilante Identity is used for performing dangerous deeds in the shadows. Changing between identities takes a minute of concentration; if you are a spellcaster, you may spend a spell slot to change identities as an Action. While changing identities by magic is faster, it is also accompanied by a flashy display of lights and sound.

  • Seamless Guise: In word and deed and appearance, you are perfectly your current identity. Any situation that would not require a Deception check if your current identity were your only identity does not require a Deception check, reading as truth even to magical senses.
  • Renown: Both of your identities become well known in a community of your choice with a population of up to 200 people. You may establish an additional area of Renown - or expand an existing area of Renown to double its current maximum population - by spending a week there spreading rumors and performing deeds. In any area where you have Renown, your Social Identity gets advantage on Persuasion checks and your Vigilante Identity gets advantage on Intimidation checks.

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