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Vicious Feint [General]

Your Feint is now Alignment-based.
Prerequisite: Intelligence 15, Intimidate +8 ranks, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, Master Feint, Aggressive Feint, Any Evil-Alignment.
Benefit: Fill in the benefits this feat grants

Benefit:Whenever you make a successful Feint, your next strike against that opponent is considered to have an Evil-Alignment for the purposes of overcoming DR on Good-Aligned opponents. In addition to this, if your opponent has failed their Sense Motive Check by at least 5, they are now Shaken until the beginning of your next Round. If they failed their Check by at least 10, they are considered Panicked until the end of your next Round. If they failed their Check by at least 15, they are now considered Frightened for 1d4 Rounds.

Special:Your next strike is considered to have a +1 Unholy Enchantment, therefore it deals +2d6 damage to Good-Aligned targets. This bonus does not stack with Enchantments, Class Features, or Feats that already allow you to deal +2d6 damage.

Alignment-based Alterations:Those who are Lawful, Good, Neutral, or Chaotic will be effected by the Sense Motive penalty normally. However, in order for the penalty to apply to Evil opponents, they must fail their Check by +10 more. This is because one Evil being attempting to Feint and Intimidate another Evil being will be much more difficult.

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