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Vicious Ally [General]

Your animal companion is significantly more ferocious than most of its kind, and is willing to fight relentlessly in the face of impending death.
Prerequisite: You must have an animal companion.
Benefit: Your animal companion may continue to fight without penalty even if it is disabled or dying. When reduced to 0 or less hit points, your animal companion can act as if it was not disabled, and it does not lose 1 hit point for performing a standard or otherwise strenuous action while at 0 or less hit points. When reduced to -1 to -9 hit points, it does not fall unconscious nor does it automatically lose 1 hit point each round while at -1 to -9 hit points. When the animal companion's current hit points drop to -10 or lower, it immediately dies.
While at 0 or less hit points your animal companion gains a +2 bonus to all attack and damage rolls, and is immune to hostile mind-affecting effects of all forms.

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