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Crew 2
Pass 6
Cargo 4,500 lbs
Init. +0
Maneuver +2
Top Speed Fly 300 ft (30)
Defense 6
Hardness 30
Hit Points 200
Size G
Price 450 TU/4,500 Caps
Armament Mounted Gatling Gun (Damage: 2d20, Crit: 20/x2, Type: Ballistic, Range: 100, RoF: A, Mag: 100 Box, Ammo: .50 Caliber)
Fuel Cap 350
Gas Mileage 6


The VB-02 Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) craft, codenamed Vertibird, is an Enclave multipurpose tilt-wing aircraft primarily used by the Enclave in post-war America. It is commonly used as a troop transport, and is sometimes modified with the below upgrades under special circumstances.

  • Armor: (Value: 15 TU/150 Caps; Gas -5; Parts DC: 25; Parts Used: 5; Craft DC 20; Time: 24h) Improved armor plating increases the Vertibird hardness by 10 points, but uses more gas to allow for no reduction in maneuverability.
  • Gatling Upgrade: (Value: 25 TU/250 Caps; Parts DC: 35; Parts Used: 10; Craft DC 25; Time: 12h) The Mounted Gatling Gun on the Vertibird may be upgraded to a Mounted Gatling Laser (Damage: 4d20, Crit: 20/x3, Type: Energy, Range: 200, RoF: A, Mag: 150 Box, Ammo: Electron Charge Pack) for increased damage capability.
  • Mounted Missile Launcher: (Value: 15 TU/150 Caps; Parts DC: 35; Parts Used: 10; Craft DC 25; Time: 12h) The Vertibird may be upgraded with a Mounted Missile Launcher (Damage: 10d8, Crit: 18-20/x2, Type: Explosive, Range: 200, RoF: S, Mag: 6 Internal, Ammo: Missile), which is, like all Mounted weapons, more powerful than their non-Mounted counterparts.
  • Nuke: (Value: 500 TU/5,000 Caps; Parts DC: 50; Parts Used: 20; Craft DC 30; Time: 60h) The Vertibird may be outfitted with the Overkill 500K Model 500 Kiloton Bunker Buster Nuke (Crater Radius: 1,000 ft, Devastation Radius: 1 mi, Destruction Radius: 2 mi, Damage Radius: 4 mi, Type: Explosive, RoF: S, Mag: 1 Bomb, Ammo: 500 kt Nuke), for all your overkill needs.

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