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Individual Speed[edit]

This rule is designed to give variation in characters' speeds, while adding few mechanics (no new ability scores), and it produces less of an extreme effect than the other rule to this effect, meaning the speeds stay within more realistic ranges.

At the beginning of a creature's turn, it makes a Dexterity (Athletics) check. The result of this check determines by how much a character's speed is adjusted for that turn.

Check Result Speed Adjustment
-4–0 -10 feet
1–5 -5 feet
6–15 +0 feet
16–20 +5 feet
21–25 +10 feet
26–30 +15 feet
31–35 +20 feet
36–40 +25 feet
41–45 +30 feet
46–50 +35 feet
51–55 +40 feet

Creatures can become proficient in speed checks. Characters can get the proficiency via the skilled feat, or instead of a skill proficiency upon character creation. If they are proficient in both speed checks and Athletics checks, they add their proficiency bonus to the roll twice. If making a roll every turn is hard to manage, rolls can be made once at the beginning of a combat encounter, and used for the whole encounter.

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