Vanring's Plate (3.5e Equipment)

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Requirements: Level 20, must be able a Goliath.

Cost: 150,000 gp

Weight: 50 lbs

Aura: Strong; (DC 20) Earth, Protection

Armor Check Penalty: -7

Max Dex Bonus: +1

Arcane Spell Failure: 30%

Base AC: 6

Enchantments: Grants an enhancement bonus to AC of +3, +4 to the Fortitude save, acid resistance, and gain the ability to wild shape into Stone Form 1/day (Races of Stone). None of these effects may be dispelled.

Description: This plate mail was crafted by ancient dwarven runesmiths using rare black marble with copper striations. The crafter managed to make the striations spell his name, Vanring, in runes on the front of the armor. Since this armor was created for a larger Medium-sized creature, it weighs 1.5 times the amount of normal Stone Plate.

This breastplate and pauldrons are part of an artifact known as the Weragen of Belrem. This armor was crafted for a Goliath king by dwarven runesmiths during the Age of Dreams as a gift to thank the goliaths for their help during the "Ogre Wars".

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